In Trouble with the Law (Part 4 of 18)

Continuing with the court record of the case of Grabowski v. Niedziałkowski, let’s examine the fourth page of the record: ”Ciechanowskie Grodzkie Wieczyste”, sygn.107, k.52v.

“Ciechanowskie Grodzkie Wieczyste”, sygn.107, k.52v

“Ciechanowskie Grodzkie Wieczyste”, sygn.107, k.52v

SOURCE: Klonowo, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, “Ciechanowskie Grodzkie Wieczyste,” sygn.107, k.52v, Grabowski v. Niedziałkowski, 1756; Archiwum Główne Akt Dawnych w Warszawie, Warsaw, Poland.

Translated from Latin to Polish, and then from Polish to English, the record states:

… for the property of Emerencjanna Kołakowska, his wife, in the local records on Friday after the Octave of Corpus Christi in the year 1687, and by the successors of that Emerencjanna ceded in the local records on the Tuesday after the second Sunday after Easter in the year 1751, for the same Wojciech Grabowski,
– Also two records, that is, a pledge for the sum of 30 Polish złoty, made by Adam Klonowski, on Thursday after Pentecost as well as the gift of Jadwiga Klonowska, widow of the deceased Piotr Ulatowski on Monday, the day after the feast of the Holy Trinity, both concerning a half field in Klonowo, described in the local records in the year 1684 on the property of Kazimierz Grabowski, and by his successor Stanisław Grabowski signator of Ciechanów, assigned to the property of the same Wojciech Grabowski, the Tuesday after the second Sunday after Easter in the year 1751,
– Also two gifts, the first made on the Tuesday of the Transfiguration in the year 1748 by Szymon, son of the deceased Tomasz, his uncle, Andrzej son of the deceased Maciej, his nephew, both Ślaskis, on behalf of himself as well as of Józef, son of the deceased Franciszek and Grzegorz, son of the deceased Jakub, all Ślaskis on the Klonowo estate, the second made on Monday after Transition Sunday in the year 1751 by Cyprian, his uncle, and Jan, his nephew, both Sosnowskis on the estates of Klonowo, Długołęka Wielka, Długołęcka Gębale, in the local records to the same Wojciech Grabowski.

However, the heirs of the deceased Andrzej Niedziałkowski, namely Krzysztof Niedziałkowski, his uncle, Melchior Niedziałkowski, son of the deceased Franciszek, his nephew, Józef Niedziałkowski, son of the deceased Adam, presented:
– Distribution of the estates of Klonowo and Brzozowo among Józef, Hieronim, and Wawrzeniec Klonowski, sons of the deceased Paweł, conveyed by the Oblates to the record of the Przasnysz Ziemia, in the same year, on the Thursday of the feast of the Assumption of Jesus Christ in the year 1639, and by so doing, confirmed the same division,
– Also, the gift of half of the Klonowo estate, made by Paweł Klonowski, son of the deceased Stanisław, on his own behalf as well as on behalf of his brother Jan Klonowski on the property of Krzysztof Młodzianowski, the son of the deceased Stanisław in the local records on the Monday of the eve of the feast of the Apostles Saints Simon and Jude in the year 1659,
– Also, the gift of parts of the Klonowo estates, Długołęka Wielka, -Klimonty, made by Hieronim Klonowski, son of the deceased Paweł …

To be continued…

For other parts of this record, see:

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  1. Apple says:

    There is so much genealogy included so far! Interesting the way the dates were recorded. Grabowski is a common enough name and ours spoke German when they arrived in the US but still it makes it doubly interesting to me.

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    informaci o długołęckich z długołęki wielkiej

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