The Death and Burial of Aleksander Ignacy Chodkowski – 1842

Aleksander Ignacy Chodkowski, son of Stefan Chodkowski and Anna Roman, died on 18 April 1842 in Chodkowo kuchny, Maków Okręg, Płock Gubernia, Congress Kingdom of Poland. He was buried in Płoniawy, Maków Okręg, Płock Gubernia, Congress Kingdom of Poland on 20 April 1842.

The Death and Burial Record of Aleksander Ignacy Chodkowski - 1842

The Death and Burial Record of Aleksander Ignacy Chodkowski - 1842

SOURCE: Parafia pw. św. Stanisława BM (Płoniawy, Maków Okręg, Płock Gubernia, Congress Kingdom of Poland), “Akta metrykalne par. Płoniawy; Akta zmarłych 1842-1857. [Metrical records of the parish of Płoniawy; Death records 1842-1857],” page 7, entry 51, Aleksander Ignacy Chodkowski, 20 Apr 1842; The Archives of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Płock, Płock, Poland.

Click on the image above to view a higher resolution image. Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Death and Burial Record of Aleksander Ignacy Chodkowski. Translated from the Polish, the record reads:

51 Chodkowo kuchny     XMJ     7.

This happened in the village of Płoniawy on the eighth / twentieth day of April in the year one-thousand eight-hundred forty-two at the hour of three in the afternoon. There appeared Melchior Chodkowski, grandfather of the deceased, seventy years of age, and Leon Chodkowski, sixty-six years of age, owners of parts [of the village] and residing in Chodkowo kuchny, and he declared that on the sixth / eighteenth day of the same month and year at the hour of nine in the evening, Aleksander Chodkowski, five years old, died in Chodkowo kuchny, son of the deceased Stefan Chodkowski and his wife, the living Anna née Roman, owners of a part [of the village] and residing with her mother in Chodkowo kuchny. After visual confirmation of the death of Aleksander Chodkowski, this document was read aloud to the declarants who do not know how to write and signed by Us.
          [signed] The Reverend Tyburcy Morawski, Pastor of Płoniawy

Aleksander Ignacy Chodkowski was my 5th cousin 3X removed.

With the death of Aleksander Ignacy Chodkowski, the line that descends from Melchior Chodkowski daughtered out.  Melchior Chodkowski had three brothers, Mikołaj, Jacek, and Tomasz, only one of whom (Tomasz) is known to have left a line of male descendants that extends to the present day.

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