At the Feet of the footnoteMaven

On Sunday at the Southern California Genealogy Jamboree, five of the bloggers present got together for a group photo. Considering that the footnoteMaven was among us, we opted for a photo of our foot(notes). Or would that be feet(notes)?



SOURCE: At the Feet of the footnoteMaven (Burbank, Los Angeles County, California). Photographed by Stephen J. Danko on 21 June 2009.

The bloggers in the photo are Elyse Doerflinger, Craig Manson, Susan Kitchens, footnoteMaven, and Steve Danko. It’s up to the reader to figure out which foot(notes) belong to which geneablogger.

There may or may not be a fabulous prize awaiting the first person to leave a comment correctly identifying whose foot(notes) are whose.

Copyright © 2009 by Stephen J. Danko

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7 Responses to At the Feet of the footnoteMaven

  1. Cute. Clockwise, starting with the gray pants: Craig, Elyse, Susan, footnoteMaven, Steve? Probably not right…

  2. Steve,

    Great minds think alike! I took a photo of fM – it’s of her foot! So, I know that shoes upper left belong to her. My guess for the rest – clockwise from fM: Craig, Elyse, Steve, Susan. Too much fun!

  3. Donna says:


    Funny. I wasn’t there, so I’ll take a stab. From upper left and clockwise: fM, Steve, Elyse, Craig, Susan.

  4. Steve says:

    Kathryn wins the prize! (Now I have to think of one). I’ll bring your fabulous prize to the July meeting of CGS, Kathryn.

    Becky had me trying to fill the shoes of the footnoteMaven and Donna had me trying to fill the shoes of Craig Manson! Thanks for the thought, but I don’t know if I’m capable of filling their shoes!

  5. What a great idea! I would of had my picks correct, but is that because I was there????

    Good job Kathryn! I can’t wait to see the prize!

  6. Hey, even my feet are short and plump!

    This is my favorite photo, BTW.


  7. Steve says:

    Susan had the greatest comment after we had taken this photo: people who saw us all huddled together must have wondered what we were doing. Perhaps they thought we were just giving each other a group hug!

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