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When Was Great Aunt Mary Born?

My Great Aunt Mary, the sister of my grandfather Michael Danko, was the only one of my grandfather’s siblings to come to America.  When I first started to assemble information on my family, I contacted Mary’s daughter Fran and asked … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Cemetery Records

Two previous entries on this blog have dealt with cemetery records, so it’s about time to see what some of these records look like. My experiences in cemeteries have been varied – the employees at some cemeteries have bent over backwards to help me find the graves for which I was looking, providing me with maps, copies of the burial records, and directions to the graves. Others have been quite unfriendly, asking “Is this for genealogy?” (usually accompanied by a cold stare). Some cemeteries have charged for copies of the burial records, others have not. In general, if the cemetery doesn’t charge for the copies and the employees have been helpful, I usually offer to make a donation. Sometimes there is a “Friends of the Cemetery” group or a special project for which the cemetery is raising funds. Continue reading

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