The Death of Bernard Izbicki

Bernard Izbicki, the second husband of Anastasia Rita Meleski, died on 30 Apr 1985.

Death Record for Bernard Izbicki

Death Record for Bernard Izbicki

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Death Record for Bernard Izbicki – 1985.  The record states:

  • Bernard Izbicki was a 74 year old white male who died on 30 Apr 1985 in Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts (he did not arrive DOA)
  • Bernard was married to Rita M. Meleski
  • His usual occupation was a clerk for the post office
  • His social security number was 017-10-8784 and he was a veteran of World War II
  • His residence was 112 Redwood Lane, Hyannis Port, Massachusetts 02647
  • His parents were Boleslaus Izbicki and Victoria Kruczynska, both born in Poland
  • The informant was his wife, Mrs. Rita M. Izbicki of 112 Redwood Lane, Hyannis Port, Massachusetts
  • Bernard was buried on 03 May 1985 in St. Francis Xavier Cemetery, Centerville, Massachusetts
  • The funeral was supervised by Edward M. Blute of Doane Beal & Ames, 160 West Main Street, Hyannis, Massachusetts
  • The immediate cause of death was Bilateral Cerebral and Cerebellas Infarction, 17 days before death, due to or as a consequence of Mitral Valve Disease, with a duration of years
  • Other significant conditions were Bullous Emphysema, Lung Infarcts, Spleen, and Kidneys
  • An autopsy was performed; the case was not referred to the medical examiner
  • Death occurred at 5:06 A.M. on 30 Apr 1985, was certified by Thomas S. Durant M.D., although the attending physician was Dr. C. Bouchet
  • The certifying physician was Thomas S. Durant, M.D. of the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts 02114
  • The burial permit PO2/665 was issued on 30 Apr 1985 by E Doyon H.A.
  • The acting city clerk, Judith A. McCarthy received the Death Certificate in Boston on 02 May 1985

Two interesting notes:  the clerk misspelled “Massachusetts” as “Massachusett” and misspelled “cemetery” as “cemetary”.  Perhaps I should be careful about mentioning misspellings.  I’ve made enough of my own!

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4 Responses to The Death of Bernard Izbicki

  1. Barbara Poole says:

    Hi Steve,
    Your part about misspellings reminded me of when I spelled cematery and Keene and found what I needed through google! If you google those two words together, there are hundreds. Looks like a lot of people spell that word wrong. And I guess they spell it cemetary as well! On another matter, I plan on going in to NEHGS, and will look up your Clifford Blackman’s birth in the index.

  2. Barbara Poole says:

    From the Massachusetts Index for years 1911-1915 there is a Clifford A. Blackman born in Brookline on 1919 (right next to Boston). His birth is recorded there in Vol. 30, pg. 497. Hope this is your guy.

  3. Hi Barbara,

    Regarding the misspellings, I remember that George Morgan has said that we have to learn to misspell the names of our ancestors. I guess your experience shows that we have to learn to misspell other words as well!

    The Clifford A. Blackman you found doesn’t appear to fit into my family tree, but I’ll make a note in my “might be related” file to check the record the next time I’m in Massachusetts. Thanks so much for your help. You’re a gem!

  4. Tadeusz Izbicki says:

    Hi Steve,

    I have found your website. It is very nice and interesting.

    I live in Warszawa, Poland and study Izbicki’s genealogy for years. It is very funny but I have full genealogy of Boleslaw Izbicki – Bernard’s Father.

    If you (or somebody else, especially Izbickis from Worcester, Mass) are interesting in it I could share with you and inform about our common roots.

    Best regards,
    Tadeusz Izbicki

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