Is this John Rawding in the 1911 Census of Canada?

After finding the family of John Rawding in the 1901 Census of Canada, I searched for the family in the 1911 Census, but couldn’t find the family.  I did find a John Rawding in Nova Scotia in 1911, but he is in Halifax County, not Kings County, and he is listed alone as an inmate in Nova Scotia Hospital.  The rest of his family is nowhere to be found.

1911 Census Record for John Rawding - Left

1911 Census Record for John Rawding (Left Side)

1911 Census Record for John Rawding - Right

1911 Census Record for John Rawding (Right Side)

SOURCE: John Rawding, 1911 Canada Census, Schedule 1, Nova Scotia, District No. 45 – Halifax County, Sub-District No. 4 – Cole Harbour, Dwelling House 90, Family or Household 96, Page 17, Line 13, Library and Archives Canada Micropublication T-20359.

Click on the link for a PDF Copy of the Canada Census Record for John Rawding – 1911.  The record shows that:

  • John Rawding is listed as an inmate in the Nova Scotia Hospital in Cole Harbour, Halifax County, Nova Scotia
  • John is 53 years old and a widower
  • John was born in Nova Scotia, was of Scotch origin, Canadian nationality, Baptist religion, and could read and write
  • He was a lumberman by trade

Some of the information (Dwelling Number, Family Number, and Place of Habitation) are not listed on this page of the census, but are listed on page 10, where the enumeration of the residents of the Nova Scotia Hospital begins.  In addition, some of the information (Place of Birth, Racial Origin, Nationality, and Religion) are noted on line 13 by ditto marks and are inferred from the lines above John Rawdings enumeration.

The location of this John Rawding in Nova Scotia is a good sign, but he is in Halifax County, not Kings County.  He is, however, in the hospital in 1911 which may explain why he is in a different county.

John’s age is about right, and it is quite possible his wife died between 1901 and 1911, leaving him a widower.  The birthplace of Nova Scotia is correct, and his Scotch origin, Canadian nationality, Baptist religion, and ability to read and write are all consistent with what is written in other records.

His occupation, however, is listed as “lumberman” in 1911.  In 1901 he was a farmer.  Did John change occupations?

The questions remain, is this the correct John Rawding?  Most of the information seems to match up, but the occupation is different.  And, if this is John Rawding, where are his children?

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5 Responses to Is this John Rawding in the 1911 Census of Canada?

  1. Jeff Rawding says:

    Hello Steve

    I stumbled upon your site while researching the Rawding name. I do this from time to time because of the rarity of the name and curiousity of my ancestors.
    I sure your aware that Rawding can be traced back to the early seventeen hundreds in Nova Scotia. My grandfather (Dean Rawding) originated from the Annapolis valley/basin…born in 1898….served in the first world war…married a german lady…and moved to Ontario Canada where they resided for the rest of their lives. They had 6 children, the youngest being my father who doesn’t have much info on his grandparents, other than his grandfather married twice. He never met them.
    The family tree seems to be quite consistent until the late 1890’s, making me think that John Rawding could possibly be my great grandfather.
    Feel free to correspond

    Jeff Rawding

    Ottawa Canada

  2. Nicole J. Rawding says:

    Hello, why are you doing all this searching on the Nova Scotia Rawdings?
    I just gave things a breif overview.
    I’m related to the Rawdings on the monument in Clemensport nova scotia.

  3. Nicole J. Rawding says:

    and I’m related to any other rawding whose initials read NJR. usually the surname being Norman. My father is Norman Jeff Rawding.
    but clearly, i was born a girl.

  4. Terry Ellis says:

    My name is Terry Ellis and I live in Cleveland, Ohio. My great grandfather was Capt. Fletcher Rawding, from Clemontsport, Nova Scotia. His parents were Joseph and Elizabeth. During his later years, he lived with my grandmother, Marion Rawding Dinsmore in Calais, Maine. I now own that family home. I remember Fletcher, and I have letters and photos. My mother went to see the Rawding monument. If you have any info, please contact me.

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