Friends of Steve Danko for Facebook Account and Blog Restoral

Many thanks to those who have gone out of their way to help me regain access to my Facebook account after the domain was labeled abusive by the folks at Facebook.

One friend sent an email message to a contact at Facebook. Facebook replied that:

We appreciate your email. Unfortunately, we cannot take any action on or release any information regarding a user’s account until we receive correspondence from the account holder.

Apparently the Facebook staffer in User Operations hasn’t read The Two Kingdoms (A Cautionary Tale).

Another friend tried to post a link to The Two Kingdoms (A Cautionary Tale) on Facebook, but Facebook wouldn’t permit the action.

Blocked content on Facebook

My friend finally got around the block by converting the permalink URL to a tiny URL.

Two more friends posted links to The Two Kingdoms (A Cautionary Tale) on their own blogs Genea-Musings and Apple’s Tree, and I appreciate that very much!

And now, today, I was informed that other friends have set up a group on Facebook: the Friends of Steve Danko for Facebook Account and Blog Restoral. Let’s see if Facebook takes any notice of this. Unfortunately I, myself, still can’t get into my account to join this group myself.

Many thanks to everyone for their support.

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5 Responses to Friends of Steve Danko for Facebook Account and Blog Restoral

  1. Jasia says:

    Here’s an idea in the interim (or maybe a permanent alternative) while the folks at Facebook are twiddling their thumbs on this matter.

    Why not create a new FB page (with a different email address) using SJ Danko or IMSteve Danko or some such name so anyone looking for you can still find you. Then we can leave a note on your wall informing all your current friends that you have a new name and page. You’ll have to upload your photos and stuff again and you’ll have to configure your settings but that should enable you to once again join the FB community. Who knows how long it will take the folks at FB to sort this all out? Why wait?

  2. Brenda says:

    I’m still speechless at this outrageous turn of events, Steve! But I’m a groupie for sure. Congratulations on being a speaker at the NGS Conference in May!

  3. Dear Mr. Danko, we briefly met at the last summers Jamboree, in Burbank, and you made this Newbie feel very welcome indeed.

    I enjoyed your talk on Eastern Europe, and blogged about it, in my series of reports on the Jamboree.

    When I heard about this travesty I signed on to the Support Page, and put in my 2 cents in support.

  4. TK says:

    Steve, it appears your Facebook account has been released from the jaws of the evil beast. I was able to click through to your blog without getting the warning. Are you able to access it now?

    • Steve says:

      Thanks for the words of support, TK, but I’m still locked out and I get a message that my email domain has been reported to be abusive. 🙁

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