First Full Day of the Conference in Salt Lake City

Well, it’s getting to be close to the end of the first full day of the United Polish Genealogical Societies Biennial Conference here in Salt Lake City.  I’m bushed, and it’s only 7:40 PM!  We have one more session tonight and then I’ll be ready to hit the sack!

The first session this morning was on “Professional Techniques for the Family Genealogist” by Ceil Jensen.  I asked Ceil if she’d like to “Guest Blog” in this space and she said she’d love to tell everyone about what she thought was her best find so far at the Family History Library (FHL).  Check back in the next couple of days for her Guest Blog.

After Ceil’s presentation, several others presented lectures on how to best use the resouces in the FHL, all of which were great (and I thought I already know my way around the FHL 🙂 !)

Ugo Perego gave us an update on the research at the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation.  Two years ago, I heard a presentation by the Foundation, and at that time, there was no way for participants to see the results of their DNA analysis.  The Foundation encouraged participation in order to further the science of molecular genealogy.  But now, the results will be provided online, and you can compare your own results with the results of others (while protecting the privacy of living individuals, of course).  There is no cost for the analysis, but you may have to wait a long time to see the results.

It’s also been a productive time for me at the FHL.  I’ve been looking for Birth, Marriage, and Death records for two branches on my family tree.  I found the marriage record for the parents of my Aunt Bertha’s husband George McGinn, a newspaper clipping mentioning the wedding, and a delayed birth record for George’s older sister, Pascaline.  Plus, I found a biography for Pascal Poirier, a senator from New Brunswick who was an ancestor of George and Pascaline.

Today I also found 21 death records for other people in my family file, so I consider this a very productive day.  It’s about time for me to get a bite to eat and then head to the last session of the day (Ceil Jenson is speaking again tonight on “Maps for Polish Genealogy:  Old, New, Electronic”.  Good night!

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3 Responses to First Full Day of the Conference in Salt Lake City

  1. Dennis says:

    Would love to hear the best out takes from your conference from Ceil or yourself. These kind of confereence can help jump start someones European research because their so specifically focused. I look forward when I have the time or retire to do the same with my German heritage. My heritage gets close to Poland but is near the Eastern border at Butzow,Schwerin, Mecklenburg,Germany. The dna and human genome aspects of genealogy get more intriging every day. I guess soon I will have to go back to college to get a genetics refresher as future genealogy chats will probably be on A-T and G-C series of dna. Keep up the diligence and like Cheryl says, How do you have the time as a website editor in the midst of a course and all those other resources..good hunting and look forward to your best out takes!

  2. Christine Elia says:

    What were the 1 or 2 most important things you learned in “Professional Techniques for the Family Genealogist” ? I met you at the conference but missed this presentation.

  3. Cheryl Palmer says:

    We know you are busy Steve, but anxiously waiting to hear about your experiences! Ok, I will be patient! I am sure it was awesome! I have yet to make my way to a Family History Center! 🙂

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