The Birth and Baptism of Jan Chodkowski – 1761

Jan Chodkowski, son of Andrzej Chodkowski and Marianna Mossakowska, was born on about 08 March 1761 in Mosaki-Rukle, Ciechanów Land, Mazovian Voivodeship, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. He was baptized in the parish church in Krasne, Ciechanów Land, Mazovian Voivodeship, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth on 08 March 1761.

The Birth and Baptismal Record of Jan Chodkowski - 1761

The Birth and Baptismal Record of Jan Chodkowski - 1761

SOURCE: Parafia pw. św. Jana Chrzciciela (Krasne, Ciechanów Land, Mazovian Voivodeship, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth), “Liber Baptisatorum Ecclesia Krasnensis ab Anno 1755 do Anu 1781. [Book of Baptisms of the Church in Krasne from the year 1755 to the year 1781.],” pages 64-65, entry 10, Jan Chodkowski, 08 Mar 1761; filmed as Księgi metrykalne, 1657-1809; FHL INTL microfilm 1,496,578, Item 9.

Click on the image above to enlarge it. Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Birth and Baptismal Record of Jan Chodkowski. Translated from the Latin, the record reads:

10 Mosaki Rukle:

In the same year as above [the year of the Lord 1761], on the 8th of March I, Jan Gawlenski, Canon Regular of the Laterans, baptized an infant with the name Jan, son of the Nobles Andrzej Chotkowski and his legal wife Marianna. The Godparents in the Sacred Font were the Noble Maciej Milewski and the Noble Katarzyna Grochowska.

Jan Chodkowski was the brother of my fourth great grandmother, Cecylia Chodkowska, making him my fourth great granduncle. Most of the records I have seen for the family spells the surname Chotkowski. However, Polish genealogist Adam Pszczółkowski who wrote the seminal work on the family, spells the name Chodkowski. This spelling is probably a reflection of the fact that, today, most descendants of the family spell their surname with a “d” rather than with the traditional “t”.

From a practical point of view, the “d” and “t” are somewhat interchangeable. The pronunciations of Chotkowski and Chodkowski are very similar.

For those reasons, I have chosen to spell the surname as Chodkowski in my own database.

REFERENCE: Pszczółkowski, Adam A. 2005. Gniazdo i Krze: rodowody Chodkowskich. Chłodkowo Wielkie: Stowarzyszenie Rodów Chodkowskich.

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