The Birth and Baptism of Jan Markiewicz

The last Birth and Baptismal Record that I found for the children of Tomasz Markiewicz and Franciszka Piątkowa was for a son Jan.

The Birth and Baptismal Record for Jan Markiewicz

Birth and Baptismal Record for Jan Markiewicz

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Birth and Baptismal Record for Jan Markiewicz – 1889.  The record states:

42.  Braciejowice – Markiewicz Jan

This happened in the village of Piotrawin on the 15th / 27th day of February 1889 at 6 o’clock in the afternoon.  Tomasz Markiewicz appeared in person, age 30, a house owner in the village of Braciejowice, in the presence of Stanisław Piątek from the village of Brzeliow, age 21, and Franciszek Turski from the village of Braciejowice, age 48, house owners – and he presented to us a child of the male sex, stating that it was born in the village of Braciejowice on this date, the 15th / 27th day of February of this year, at twelve o’clock in the day – of his lawful wife Franciszka nee Piontkowa, age 25.  To this child at Holy Baptism performed on this date was given the name of Jan, and his godparents were the above-mentioned Stanisław Piątek and Agnieszka Turska.  This document was read to the declarant father and to the witnesses, all of whom are illiterate, and signed by us.

Rev. C. Trembiński, pastor of the Piotrawin Parish – Keeper of the documents of the civil state

The Birth and Baptismal Record shows that Jan (John) was born at 12 Noon on February 27, 1889 in Braciejowice, baptized at 6 PM on the same day in Piotrawin, his father was Tomasz (Thomas) Markiewicz, his mother was Franciszka (Frances) Piontkowa, his godparents were Stanisław (Stanley) Piątek and Agnieszka (Agnes) Turska, and he was baptized by the Rev. C. Trembiński.

Of particular interest is the fact that Stanisław Piątek was the godfather.  He may be related to Franciszka, the mother.  I’m not sure about the spelling of Stanisław Piątek’s village – I couldn’t find it on a map.  Also of interest is the fact that Franciszek Turski also appears as a witness in the Birth and Baptismal Records for Michał and Stanisław Markiewicz.  The godmother, Agnieszka Turska, may be related to Franciszek Turski, who appeared as a witness at Stanisław Markiewicz’ baptism.

According to this record, Tomasz Markiewicz was 30 years old, indicating that he was born between 1858-1859, and Franciszka Piątkowa was 25 years old, meaning that she was born between 1863-1864.  Combined with the ages in other baptismal documents, Tomasz was born between 1857-1859, and Franciszka was born between 1862-1868.

There is one unusual notation on the original document – located in the left margin, just below the name of the village and the name of the child.  It says:

= February of this
CT k

This notation indicates that the priest left the words “February of this” out of the written document and these words should be inserted in the document where he has indicated two strokes (looks like and equal sign) and a vertical slash between two words on the 8th line, towards the left hand side.  The letters “CT” are the priest’s initials and I think the “k” stands for ksiądz – the Polish word for priest.  I’m not absolutely sure that the letter “k” follows the priest’s initials, but I’m not sure what the marks after the “CT” would be otherwise.

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