Reconstructing the Izbicki Families of Norwich, Connecticut – Marriage Records

While I was researching the Izbicki family of Worcester, Massachusetts (related to me by the marriage of my cousin Rita Meleski), I was contacted by someone who was also interested in the Izbicki surname, albeit a line of Izbickis who immigrated to Norwich, Connecticut.

The Family History Library has microfilmed a number of the early 20th century vital record books from Norwich and, in those microfilms, I found the records for 23 births, 13 marriages (including one where two Izbickis wed each other), and 6 deaths of individuals with the Izbicki surname. To view these records, please follow the link to Izbicki Documents (there’s also a link in the sidebar of this blog).

How can these records help understand the relationships among all the people mentioned in these records? Are all these Izbickis related to each other? Did they all originate from the same village in Poland?

At first pass, I examined the marriage records and was able to discern four family groups and four other individuals who are not siblings with any of the others.

The first family group includes children of Wojciech Izbicki and Teofila Gwiazdowska:

  • Alexander Izbicki who married Josephine Danielowicz on 02 Jul 1900 and
  • Veronica Izbicki who married Ladislas Cieslikowski on 21 Sep 1903.

The second family group includes children of Andrzej Izbicki and Emilia Gwiazdowska:

  • Paulina Izbicki who married Ladislas Krzesicki on 22 Sep 1903,
  • Stephanie Izbicki who married Ladislas Namistko on 25 Sep 1905,
  • Frances Izbicki who married Kazimir Szalkowski on 16 Feb 1914, and
  • Anna Izbicki who married Jan Janik on 10 Aug 1915.

The third family group includes children of Ignacy Izbicki and Emilia Pachuka:

  • Leocadia Izbicki who married Anthony Nowosatko on 23 Jun 1908 and
  • Pauline Izbicki who married Peter Sawrcki on 01 May 1912.

The fourth family group includes children of Dominik Izbicki and Michalina Cholod:

  • Josephine Izbicki who married Anthony Izbicki on 08 May 1911 and
  • Stephania Izbicki who married Stanley Jabokowksi on 19 Jan 1915.

The remaining individuals are:

  • Stanislaw Izbicki who was the son of Andrzej Izbicki and Wiktoria Bierdziewska and who married Mary Krzesiewska on 20 Feb 1906;
  • Victoria Izbicki who was the daughter of Antoni Izbicki and Josephine Kovenkwicz and who married Alexander Wawzynwicz on 06 Jun 1910;
  • Anthony Izbicki who was the son of Józef Izbicki and Wiktoria Zdanzewicz and who married Josephine Izbicki on 08 May 1911; and
  • Alexandra Izbicki who was the daughter of Piotr Izbicki and Antonia Sotokowska and who married Stanislaw Wawrznowiec on 21 Oct 1914.

Copyright © 2008 by Stephen J. Danko

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    Hi Steve!

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  2. Apple says:

    Quite posible that they are related somehow. I know with trying to sort my Graboswki’s the repetion of given names helped me but I don’t see a real pattern here.

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