When it Rains…

Just before I left California for the East Coast, I received several messages from Adam Pszczolkowski, one of the leading genealogists in Poland.

Adam provided me with additional information about my Chodkowski (Chotkowski) ancestors, a noble family about which he has researched and written.

In short, Adam told me about the ancestry of my fourth great grandmother, Cecylia Chodkowska:

Cecylia Chodkowska was the daughter of Andrzej and Marianna Mossakowska, granddaughter of Tomasz and Franciszka Czarzasta, great granddaughter of Marcin, second great-granddaughter of Wawrzyniec, third great-granddaughter of Andrzej called Litwinek, fourth great-granddaughter of Mikołaj, and fifth great-granddaughter of Jan called Baran de Chodkowo-Zalogi.

Source: Adam A. Pszczolkowski “Gniazdo i krze. Rodowody Chodkowskich” Chodkowo Wielkie, 2005.

Furthermore, he supplied me with the email address of one of his colleagues in Poland who is my cousin through my Niedziałkowski ancestors, and he contacted another colleague in the United States who is also my cousin through my Milewski ancestors.

I’m a bit overwhelmed with all this new information and probably won’t have a chance to digest it all until I return to San Francisco!

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  1. Wow. Very Cool, Steve. Congratulations on making the connections and finding another grandmother! Hope you’re having a good trip.

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