The Graves of James R. Hoey and William J. Hoey

My cousin Geraldine was widowed in January 1962 after being married only a short time. Her husband, James R. Hoey, is buried in St. John’s Cemetery in Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts. William J. Hoey, the brother of James, was buried in the same lot in 2004.

The Grave of James R Hoey and William J Hoey

The Graves of James R. Hoey and William J. Hoey

SOURCE: Grave Marker of James R. Hoey and William J. Hoey, St. John’s Cemetery, Shrine Holy Family Shrine, Lot 682 (Worcester, Worcester Co.), Massachusetts, photographed by Stephen J. Danko, 09 Sep 2005.

The marker readers:


1937 JAMES R. 1962
1932 WILLIAM J. 2004

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  1. Luc Swinnen says:

    Dear Mister, Madam, my name is Luc Swinnen from Belgium and I’m searching for close relatives of Sgt (Pilot) Hoey, James Willian Doulas .

    He died on 24/6/1943 . His grave is in my native town Kaggevinne (Near Diest in Belgium )
    I’m trying to write a book of the histori of my native town Kaggevinne .
    In this context I’m searching for descendants ore close relatives .
    All these intrigues me .

    Perhaps you will be so kind to help me ?
    Anyway thanks for your answer .

    Luc Swinnen
    Steenweg Diest, 101
    3271 Ziochem

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