The Marriage of Ezechiel Chodkowski and Rozalia Pelagia Ropelewska – 1884

Ezechiel Chodkowski, the son of Piotr Marek Chodkowski and Jadwiga Suwińska, was married to Rozalia Pelagia Ropelewska, daughter of Paweł Ropelewski and Marianna Bagieńska, on 24 February 1884 in Przasnysz, Przasnysz Powiat, Płock Gubernia, Congress Kingdom of Poland. Ezechiel Chodkowski was my 5th cousin, 3x removed.

Marriage Record for Ezechiel Chodkowski and Rozalia Pelagia Ropelewska – 1884

Marriage Record for Ezechiel Chodkowski and Rozalia Pelagia Ropelewska – 1884

SOURCE: SOURCE: Roman Catholic Parish in Przasnysz (Przasnysz, Przasnysz Powiat, Płock Gubernia, Congress Kingdom of Poland), “Duplicate Civil Registrations of the Parish of Przasnysz for the Year 1884,” folio 92 recto, entry 54, marriage record of Ezechiel Chodkowsk and Rozalia Pelagia Ropelewska, recorded 24 February 1884; State Archives in Pułtusk, digital images, Genbaza ( : accessed 25 June 2016).

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Marriage Record for Ezechiel Chodkowski and Rozalia Pelagia Ropelewska – 1884. The record, translated from the Russian, states:

Kobylaki Czarzaste and Suwin. This happened in the city of Przasnysz on the twelvth / twenty-fourth of February in the year one-thousand eight-hundred eighty-four at six o’clock in the evening. We delare that, in the presence of the witnesses Piotr Selski, residing in Nalęcze, thirty years old, and Dominik Borkowski, residing in Mchowo, twenty-five years old, on this day a religious marital union was contracted between Ezechiel Chodkowski, widower of the late Rozalia née Borowska (who died in Suwin, Węgra parish), residing in Suwin, born in Załogi, Płoniawy parish, son of the married couple Piotr Chodkowski and Jadwiga née Suwińska, thirty-six years old, and Rozalia Pelagia (two first names) née Ropelewska, daughter of the married couple Paweł Ropelewski a farmer in Kobylaki Czarzaste and his wife Marianna née Bagieńska, residing in Kobylaki Czarzaste, eighteen years old and residing with her parents. This marriage was preceded by three readings of the banns on the tenth, seventeenth, and twenty-fourth of February of the current year in the parishes in Przasnysz and Węgra, and also, verbal permission was given by the bride’s father who was present for the drawing up of the marriage record. No impediments to the marriage arose. The newlyweds stated that a marriage contract was concluded by Teofil Selski, notary of the Przasnysz Uyezd. This religious ceremony of marriage was performed by us, the pastor, who has signed below. This document was read aloud to the newlyweds, the witnesses, and the father of the bride, and was signed by us and the father of the bride. The newlyweds and the witnesses are illiterate.
Pastor of the Przasnysz Parish
[signed] Paweł Ropelewski
[signed] The Reverend Stanisław Czapliński

This was the third marriage for Ezechiel Chodkowski. His first wife, Józefa Grabowska, died in 1881. His second wife, Rozalia Borwoa, died in 1883.

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