The Death and Burial of Józef Obidziński – 1803

Józef Obidziński, husband of Katarzyna Niedziałkowska, died on 09 Feb 1803.

The Death and Burial Record of Jozef Obidzinski - 1803

The Death and Burial Record of Józef Obidziński – 1803

SOURCE: Parafia Św. Gotarda (Pałuki, Kreise Przasnysz, Departement Plozk, New East Prussia, Kingdom of Prussia). Liber Mortuorum, ab Anno 1781 ad 1820, Księga III, p. 49,
Józef Obidziński death and burial (1803); FHL microfilm 1,496,613.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Death and Burial Record of Józef Obidziński – 1803. Translated from the Latin, the record states:

Obidzino. On the 9th day of February, the Nobleman Józef Obidziński died, husband of Katarzyna née Niedziałkowska, at rest at about 90 years of age, provided with the Sacrament and buried in the cemetery.

In this record, the spelling of the last name has changed to Obidziński from Obidzienski, the spelling in the Baptismal Records of Józef’s children. The spelling Obidziński is the spelling in use today.

The fact that Józef is described as the husband of Katarzyna née Niedziałkowska implies that he did not marry anyone else after he married Katarzyna. The Marriage Record for Józef and Katarzyna stated that Józef was a widower at the time of that marriage. I have not yet found the record for Józef’s first marriage.

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  1. Steve Myers says:

    Moj polski jezyk jest bardzo roslinny, albo komplementuje wam za doskonala praca geneaolgiczna! Niech pan z’yc sto lat!

    I have been interested in the German side of Prussia for a long time. Good luck in your research.

    Steve in PA (and not far from many Pennsylvanians of Polish ancestry in the Johnstown/Windber areas).

  2. Ula Obidzińska Kubiak says:

    A Obidziński ze wsi Grochy??

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