The Marriage of Antoni Niedziałkowski and Karolina Milewska – 1831

My 3rd great grandparents, Antoni Niedziałkowski (son of Tomasz Niedziałkowski and Cecylia Chodkowska) and Karolina Milewska (daughter of Wojciech Milewski and Anna Burska), were married on 23 Nov 1831 in Krasne, Ciechanów District, Płock Governorate, Congress Kingdom of Poland.

The Marriage Record of Antoni Niedziałkowski and Karolina Milewska -1831

The Marriage Record of Antoni Niedziałkowski and Karolina Milewska -1831

SOURCE: Parafia Podwyższenia Krzyża Świętego (Krasne, Ciechanów County, Płock Gubernia, Congress Kingdom of Poland). Akta urodzeń, małżeństw, zgonów 1826-1840, Numer 9, Marriage of Antoni Niedziałkowski and Karolina Milewska (1831); FHL microfilm 702793.

Click on the image to enlarge it. Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Marriage Record of Antoni Niedziałkowski and Karolina Milewska. Translated from the Polish, the record states:

9. Rukle and Godacze – It happened in the ecclesiastical village of Krasne on the twenty third day of November, one thousand eight hundred thirty one at three o’clock in the afternoon. We make it known that, in the presence of witnesses Walenty Niedziałkowski, heir to a part of Rukle and there residing, fifty years of age, brother of Antoni Niedziałkowski, named below; and Jan Milewski, owner of a part of Godacze and residing there, thirty years of age; on this day a religious marriage was contracted between the well-born Antoni Niedziałkowski, owner of a part of and residing in Godacze, born in Godacze of the married couple the Niedziałkowskis, the deceased Tomasz and the living Cecylia née Chotkowksa, twenty years of age; and Miss Karolina Milewska, daughter of the married couple the Milewskis, the deceased Wojciech and Anna, born in Malonki and living with her sister in Rukle, twenty three years of age.  This wedding was preceded by three readings of the banns on the sixth, thirteenth, and twentieth days of November of the current year in the parish of Krasne, also the verbal consent of the groom’s mother who was present for the Record of Marriage and the bride was declared.  No impediment to the marriage arose.  The newlyweds stated that they had made no prenuptial agreement between them.  This document was read aloud to the declarants and witnesses, signed by Us, because the people mentioned in this document cannot write.

Reverend Józef Kosmowski, Vicar of the Parish of Krasne

This entry is one of the Niedziałkowski family records from Krasne parish that I had not previously translated and posted, even though I’ve had this record for several years.

As with other records after the Napoleonic years, the record is written in Polish in a very detailed paragraph style. Also consistent with records for the Neidziałkowski family, the participants are described as heirs and owners of part of the village. These consistent epithets confirm that the Niedziałkowskis were members of the lesser nobility.

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2 Responses to The Marriage of Antoni Niedziałkowski and Karolina Milewska – 1831

  1. Miriam says:

    If only all vital records written as detailed and descriptively as these last few ones you’ve posted were!

  2. Absolutely, Miriam!

    This particular marriage record shows the names of the bride and groom, their ages, the places of their births, the places in which they were living at the time of marriage, the names of their parents including the maiden name of the groom’s mother, the name of one of the groom’s brothers, the date, time, and location of the wedding, the name of the priest who officiated, the dates and locations of the banns of marriage, the names of the witnesses, the fact that none of the participants could write, and the fact that the bride’s parents and the groom’s father were all deceased at the time of the marriage.

    The information included is useful in itself, but also points to other records, including the baptismal records of the bride and groom (we now know the names of the parents, the approximate year of birth, and the place of birth), death records of the parents (three died before 1831, one died after 1831), and baptismal records of Antoni and Karolina’s children (after 1831, probably in the records in Krasne parish).

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