Flat Stanley’s San Francisco Adventure

Back in November, my nephew Lukas sent me Flat Stanley, a project for his first grade class.  I had heard about the Flat Stanley Project and was excited to take Flat Stanley on a tour of San Francisco.  In the book, Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown, Stanley is squashed flat by a bulletin board, but, happily, he can now visit his friends by traveling in an envelope.  The official Flat Stanley Project involves sending Flat Stanley to students in another school, but I’ve heard stories of Flat Stanley being sent to relatives.  Today, I’ll share with you the report I sent back to my nephew’s class about Flat Stanley’s San Francisco Adventure, and if this isn’t enough, you can read Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak’s article Flat Stanley Does His Roots.

Hi, this is Flat Stanley.  I went on a trip to San Francisco, California to visit Lukas’ Uncle Steve.  We drove all over the city and saw lots of sights.  First, we went to the place Uncle Steve works.  He works for a company called Telik.  They make medicine for sick people.

Flat Stanley Telik

Then we went to Lombard Street in San Francisco.  This street is called the Crookedest Street in the World.

Flat Stanley Lombard St

We saw Coit Tower, a famous tower on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco.  Even though it was still daytime, the moon was already out.

Flat Stanley Coit Tower

I waited for Uncle Steve, while he took a picture of Coit Tower.  Here I am, waiting at Uncle Steve’s car.  Boy, the streets here are steep!

Flat Stanley on Car

We went to the Palace of Fine Arts.  This place was built 90 years ago in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific Exposition.

Flat Stanley Palace of Fine Arts

Then we went to the Palace of the Legion of Honor.  This is a famous art museum in San Francisco.

Flat Stanley Palace of the Legion of Honor

Uncle Steve took this picture of me with this statue at the Palace of the Legion of Honor.  It is called “The Thinker“.  What do you think The Thinker is thinking about?  I’m sure I don’t know.

Flat Stanley The Thinker

We drove to the Golden Gate Bridge.  This is a suspension bridge in San Francisco.  It is built where the Pacific Ocean meets the San Francisco Bay.  Other tourists stopped to talk to me here.

Flat Stanley Golden Gate Bridge

Then we drove to Golden Gate Park and visited a Tulip Garden named after Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands.  The windmill is over a hundred years old.

Flat Stanley Tulip Garden

From there we walked to a beach on the Pacific Ocean.  We got there just when the sun was setting over the Pacific Ocean.  It was beautiful.

Flat Stanley Sunset

Finally, it was time to go home.  It was a very busy day.  But, before we went home, Uncle Steve took one last picture of the windmill with the moon behind it.

Copyright © 2006 by Stephen J. Danko

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4 Responses to Flat Stanley’s San Francisco Adventure

  1. Barbara Poole says:

    Steve, the Flat Stanley piece was a joy to read. And what wonderful photos. I wonder if you had an idea you would be putting the story on the net. You sure are a nice uncle! I wonder what other “tourists” thought about this large paper doll. Seeing Coit Tower reminds me of a cute movie I saw last year, called The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, (true story) did you see it?

  2. Hi Barb! Several people asked me what I was doing as I was taping Flat Stanley to fences and statues, and it was fun talking to them about the project. At the time I took the photos, I had no idea that I’d put them on the net, but I thought the story and photos would make good blog material. As for the wild parrots – I haven’t seen the movie, and in fact I’ve never even seen the parrots! I’ve heard stories about them, but they seem to stay in the Telegraph Hill area and they don’t come down to where I live in the Bayview District of San Francisco. I’ll have to see if I can find the movie on video. – Steve

  3. Cheryl Palmer says:

    Such a marvelous job you have been doing with your website! I too, soooo enjoyed Flat Stanley! Living 45 minutes from SF,these places, but looking at your pictures, wow! It makes me feel like I have never been ther! Pictures usually don’t do justice, but in this case……..they most certainly do! I will keep this in mind in case my nephew ever sends me a Flat Stanley! Awesome Steve, enjoy your site very much!

    Also, may I be the first to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY on June 2nd! Have a great one! Enjoy! 🙂 Cheryl

  4. Cheryl, thanks so much for the birthday wishes! You are the first! I’m so glad you enjoyed Flat Stanley. I’ve received quite a few messages about this post, and I certainly enjoyed playing tourist in San Francisco as I took the pictures. Sometimes I forget how beautiful it is here.

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