The Death of Katarzyna (Chruścicka) Dańko – 1979

Katarzyna Dańko, daughter of Marcin Chruścicki and Anna Klimak, wife of Piotr Dańko, died on 07 February 1979 in Princess Margaret Hospital, Swindon, Wiltshire County, England, UK.

The Death Record of Katarzyna (Chruścicka) Dańko – 1979

The Death Record of Katarzyna (Chruścicka) Dańko – 1979

SOURCE:  England, death certificate for Katarzyna Danko, 1979; citing Qtr M, Vol 23, Page 2627, Swindon registration district and subdistrict; General Register Office, Southport.

Click on the image above to enlarge it.  Click on the link for a PDF copy of the death record of Katarzyna (Chruścicka) Dańko.  The record states:

  • The death of Katarzyna (Chruścicka) Dańko was recorded as entry no. 7 in the Swindon registration district and sub-district in the County of Wiltshire;
  • She died on 07 February 1979 in Princess Margaret Hospital, Swindon;
  • Her name is listed as Katarzyna DANKO, of the female sex;
  • She was born on 20 March 1905 in Poland;
  • Her occupation was wife of Piotr Danko, farmer retired and her usual address was 48 Dacre Road, Walcot, Swindon, Wilts[hire];
  • The informant was Maria MALINOWSKA, daughter of the deceased, whose usual address was 18 Cumberland Road, Swindon, Wilts[hire];
  • The cause of death was carcinomatosis along with carcinoma of stomach;
  • The death was certified by R [Callingbara?] MB;
  • M Malinowska signed the death certificate; E. Pressey, deputy Registrar registered the death on 08 February 1979.

Katarzyna Dańko was the wife of my half great uncle (wife of the half brother of my grandfather).

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