The Birth and Baptism of François Céade Gamache – 1854

The first child born to François Gamache and Marguerite Duteau was born on 12 May 1854 in Napierville and was named François Céade Gamache. His birth and baptism was recorded as entry B.59.

The Birth and Baptismal Record of Francois Ceade Gamache - 1854

The Birth and Baptism of François Céade Gamache – 1854

SOURCE: Gabriel Drouin, comp. Drouin Collection. Montréal, Québec, Canada: Institut Généalogique Drouin. Birth and Baptismal Record of François Céade Gamache, St. Cyprien, Napierville, Napierville County, Canada East, Province of Canada, 1854. Back of Folio 17, B.59.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Birth and Baptism of François Céade Gamache – 1854. Translated from the French, the record states:

B.59 [baptism 59]

On the thirteenth of May, one thousand eight hundred fifty-four, by us, the undersigned priest, was baptized François Céade, born yesterday of the legitimate marriage of François Gamache, farmer, and of Marguerite Duteau of this parish. The Godfather was François Fradette, and the Godmother was Anastasie Mailloux, who, as well as the father, did not know how to sign.

[signed] Fr. Morrison, Priest

This image can be found as image 18 of 41 in the Québec Vital Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967 in Napierville St-Cyprien for the year 1854. The record is on the back of folio 17.

The Godmother of the child was Anastasie Mailloux. From the Marriage Record of François Gamache and Marguerite Duteau, I learned that Marguerite’s mother was Anastasia Mailloux. Since women in Québec kept their maiden names, the Godmother of François Céade Gamache may have been his grandmother.

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  1. Kandy says:

    Do you know if Francois Gamache married a Josephine (Larose) Galipeau in Waterbury, CT. USA

    They had a child named Josephine Jeannette Gamache on Oct 21 1913

    Sponsors being Aldirec Devoe and Delia Devoe

    any help would be great,

    Thanks Kandy

  2. Kathy Franey says:

    Hi Kandy,
    Aldrich and Delia Larose Devoe were my Great Grandparents. Delia died at a very young age as I am told. I have been trying to find information on both of them. I wish I could help you out. Are you related to the Larose family too?
    Hope to hear back from you!

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