The Birth of Bernice Celia (Bessie) Markiewicz – 1915

Bernice Celia (Bessie) Markiewicz, daughter of Stanisław Markiewicz and Antonina Lejwoda, was born on 07 October 1915 in Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA.  Her birth was recorded in a ledger for the city of Worcester.

The Birth Record of Bernice Celia (Bessie) Markiewicz - 1915

The Birth Record of Bernice Celia (Bessie) Markiewicz – 1915

SOURCE:  “Massachusetts Vital Records, 1911-1915,” digital images, American Ancestors ( : accessed 05 June 2011), Birth of Bessie Markiewicz, vol. 630, page 602, no. 2763, Worcester, Massachusetts, 07 October 1915; citing Vital Records: 1841-1915, Massachusetts State Archives, Boston, Massachusetts.

The image above is a composite image from the ledger, cropped to emphasize the information for this child.  Click on the link for a PDF copy of the birth record of Bernice Celia (Bessie) Markiewicz.  The ledger states:

  • Bernice Celia (Bessie) Markiewicz’s birth is recorded as Vol. 630, Page 602, No. 2763 in the ledger for the city of Worcester,
  • Her name was recorded as Bessie Markiewicz, a female child born in Worcester
  • She was born on 07 October 1915 and her birth was recorded in January 1916,
  • Her father was Stanley Markiewicz [Stanisław Markiewicz], a laborer from Russia residing in Worcester,
  • Her mother was Antonina Levodzauki [Antonina Lejwoda?] from Russia, residing in Worcester.

The maiden name of the mother is probably not correctly spelled either Levodzauki or Lejwoda, but I do not know the correct spelling of the surname.

Bernice Celia Markiewicz would later marry Edward Alexander Skowronski.

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