All-Day Seminar with Dick Eastman

On Saturday, May 12, I’ll be at the all-day seminar with Dick Eastman sponsored by the San Diego Genealogical Society and the computer Genealogy Society of San Diego.

Dick will present four seminars:

  1. Grandpa in Your Pocket – a demonstration of various gadgets that will make your genealogy research easier and do things not thought possible before.
  2. The Internet – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly – learn the many great and new things the Internet has to offer as well as the pitfalls and scams. A must for every researcher.
  3. Google for Genealogists – learn how to maximize your results in using the world’s most popular search engine; find out how to do things you never dreamed possible.
  4. Putting the Genes in Genealogy – learn your family history to help your family fight or neutralize inherited diseases; something every genealogist needs to know.

Take a look at the flyer for more information.

The program is now sold out, so I’m glad I got my reservation in early!

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2 Responses to All-Day Seminar with Dick Eastman

  1. Randy Seaver says:


    That’s great that you were able to attend this seminar.

    I hope you write a seminar report about it. I will link to it when you do that.

    I had hoped to attend, but I had already committed to be in Santa Cruz with my daughter and grandsons this weekend.

    Cheers — Randy

  2. Randy,

    The seminar was great and the attendees were incredibly friendly and enthusiastic. I’ll be sure to post a seminar report.


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