The Birth and Baptism of Joseph Charles Gédéon Patenaude – 1872

Born two years after Marie Zénaïde Zite Patenaude, Joseph Charles Gédéon Patenaude was born in 1872. His record is designated as B.28, near the top of this page, the front of folio seven.

Birth and Baptismal Record of Joseph Charles Gedeon Patenaude - 1972

The Birth and Baptismal Record of Joseph Charles Gédéon Patenaude – 1872

SOURCE: Québec Vital Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967 [database on-line]. Original data: Gabriel Drouin, comp. Drouin Collection. Montreal, Québec, Canada: Institut Généalogique Drouin. Birth and Baptismal Record of Joseph Charles Gédéon Patenaude, Mission of St. Herménégilde, Coaticook, Québec, Canada, 1872. Front of Folio 7, B.28.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Birth and Baptismal Record of Joseph Charles Gédéon Patenaude – 1872. Translated from the French, the record states:

B.28 [baptism #28]

On the tenth of March one thousand eight hundred seventy two, we, the undersigned parish priest, baptized Joseph Charles Gédéon, born on the second day of the current month, of the legitimate marriage of Charles Patenaude, farmer, and Osithe Gamache of Saint Herménégilde. Godfather, [Eani?] Dupont, farmer, godmother, Marie Edèse Mailloux [denoulair?] who do not know how to sign.

[signed] [M.Handry?], Priest

There were a few words I couldn’t decipher in this record. In particular, I couldn’t read the first name of the Godfather, and one word after the Godmother’s name. Nonetheless, I was able to transcribe and translate the most important parts of this record.

Based on information in both this record and in the record for Marie Zénaïde Zite Patenaude, I think both children may have been baptized in the Mission of Saint Herménégilde, rather than the Mission of Saint Edmond, but it’s hard to tell. Apparently, the records of several missions are reported together in the same fonds. I’ll have to look into this in more detail.

One point about the names of children of French origin that I didn’t really understand before today is that many children were given the honorific names Marie and Joseph. Generally, they used the second name as their given name. Thus, Marie Zénaïde Zite Patenaude went by the name Zénaïde, and Joseph Charles Gédéon probably went by Charles.

One final interesting note: someone in Québec has blogged about my blog. You can read the entry (in French) at Bloguevision. Étonnant, non?

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4 Responses to The Birth and Baptism of Joseph Charles Gédéon Patenaude – 1872

  1. Christopher Lather says:

    Now this is odd, I have never heard of this particular name before. I wonder if this could be Eugene-Gedeon Patenaude who according to the 1900 Census was born in March of 1873. However we have a separate note from my great-grandmothers brother Paul Charron, that lists Eugene’s birthday as 5 April 1872. Perhaps this could also be the record of a child that had died young. I should also say that Paul Charron had noted that Zenaide was baptized at St-Edmund’s. I had never heard of St-Hermenegilde until Kelly Patenaude had mentioned it to me as a place where some cousins of Zenaide’s were baptized. You’ve done very well at translating these documents. It’s amazing that people in Quebec also enjoy your blog!

  2. Chris, I also thought this could be Eugene. I’d like to find some other evidence to show that Joseph Charles Gédéon Patenaude and Eugene Gédéon Patenaude are the some person, though. I couldn’t find a church record for a Eugene Patenaude in Coatacook for this time period. Maybe the census records will provide some clues.

  3. Christopher Lather says:

    I just took a closer look at this record, and I noticed that it says that Joseph Charles Gédéon Patenaude was baptised on “le dix Mars” which is the 10th of March, not the 10th of July. Because of this I’m pretty sure he is one and the same with Eugene Gédéon Patenaude, who according to the 1900 Census was born in March.

  4. You’re right, Chris. I’ll correct the translation. I used my translation of Zenaide’s record and didn’t change the month to “Mars”.

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