A Day at the Salt Lake City Public Library

My last day in Salt Lake City was a bit less frantic than Friday and Saturday were. I slept in late this morning and spent some time reading the Sunday newspaper (the print edition) while having breakfast at the Marriott City Center.

My favorite places to stay in Salt Lake City are the Hilton Salt Lake City Center, the Salt Lake City Marriott Downtown, and the Salt Lake City Marriott City Center. I usually stay at whichever is the cheapest and I can usually stay for $100 a night or less.

For this trip, I stayed at the Salt Lake City Marriott City Center because I wanted to visit the Salt Lake City Main Public Library today. The Marriott City Center is only a couple of blocks from the library, an easy walk.

I have to admit that I don’t know all the resources available at the Salt Lake City Main Library. The only thing I’ve ever done there is to research records in the Salt Lake City newspapers. One great thing about researching newspaper records on microfilm at the Salt Lake City Main Public Library is that paper copies from microfilm are free! Another bonus is that the other patrons researching newspapers on microfilm are generally a friendly and talkative bunch, so the time spent there is enjoyable.

On this trip I was able to print out copies of about 30 newspaper records, most of which were obituaries. Along with all the records I found at the Family History Library, it’ll take a while for me to digest all this new information.

Now, I’m back in San Francisco, a bit bushed and ready to call it a night. Not to repeat myself, but I had a very productive weekend!

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2 Responses to A Day at the Salt Lake City Public Library

  1. Cheryl Palmer says:

    I bet you are a bit bushed! Wow, you were busy! Glad to hear you had a very productive weekend, I knew you would! I am very happy for you!

  2. Thanks, Cheryl! Now I just need some free time to sort through all the information I found. This coming weekend is likely to be as busy as last weekend!

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