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Katarzyna Dańko: Veterinarian, Witch, and Exile

Research indicates that Katarzyna Dańko is probably my 2nd cousin, twice removed. She was born 10 Mar 1879 in Nienadowa, Galicia (Austria Poland), one of 14 children of Józef Dańko and Marianna Chruścicka. Continue reading

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Katarzyna Dańko: Biografia

Because the Biography of Katarzyna Dańko may be of interest to my relatives and readers in Poland, I am providing the story here, in Polish. I have also posted an English version, a photo of Katarzyna and her son Franciszek, and a photo from Franciszek’s … Continue reading

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The Wedding of Franciszek Tropiło and Stanisława Krannerwetter

Franciszek Tropiło, the son of Jan Tropiło and Katarzyna Dańko, married Stanisława Krannerwetter. Continue reading

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The Biography of Katarzyna Dańko

Kasia Tropiło sent me the following biography of her great great grandmother, Katarzyna Dańko. We think that Katarzyna Dańko may be my first cousin, three times removed. Continue reading

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The Birth and Baptism of Wiktoria Bębenek

I received a message from Kasia Tropiło who provided me with quite a bit of information on her ancestors, including Katarzyna Dańko.  As it turns out, Kasia and I appear to be fourth cousins, twice removed!  While the final documents … Continue reading

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