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Janice Brown's Genealogical Superpower

Janice Brown may be lost in the puckerbrush and her blog may have disappeared from the blogosphere but, back in October 2006, she was probably the first of the Genea-Bloggers to write a post about her Genealogical Superpower and create a Genealogical Superhero avatar – “History Woman”. Continue reading

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My Genealogical Superpower

Dean Richardson’s January 1st post “What’s Your Genealogical Superpower?” was picked up by Randy Seaver for “Saturday Night Genealogy Fun” and then Sheri Fenley (aka The Extraordinary Flying Condor) upped the ante and posted about “Super Heroes and the Powers That May Be” and included a cool avatar. Donna Pointkouski (aka The Extraordinary Splintery Stick) has also reported on her Genealogical Superpower in “Donna’s Picks” and included an avatar. Likewise, Tina Sansone (aka Gtownma Census Superhero)wrote about her Genealogical Superpower at “Census Superpower”, Midge Frazel (aka Super Midge) wrote a post at “Super Midge” and Cindy Bergeron Scherwinski wrote “What’s Your Superpower?” (although she seems to have misplaced her cape). Continue reading

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