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Questions and Answers: How Do I Find Ancestral Records in Poland?

Today I received an email from Erik, who asked: I saw while browsing Google for Powiat Ciechanowski I stumbled across your family history website and saw you have ancestors from there. Well, I do too, and I was wondering how … Continue reading

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The Polish Village of Piertanie

The ancestral village of the Izbicki family is Piertanie, a village that was in the Russian Partition of Poland at the time the family emigrated. Słownik Geograficzny Entry for Piertanie SOURCE:  Chlebowski, Bronisław, Władysław Walewski, and Filip Sulimmierski, eds., Słownik … Continue reading

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The Lithuanian Villages of Butrymonys and Likiškės

My Chmielewski ancestors were from the Lithuanian villages of Butrymonys and Likiškės.  I’m not sure if the Chmielewskis were Polish or Lithuanian, but given the surnames, it’s likely they were Poles who settled in Lithuania during the time when the two countries … Continue reading

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The Polish Village of Łosice

One of the readers of this blog wrote to me and asked if there was an entry in the Słownik Geograficny Królestwa Polskiego (Geographical Dictionary of the Kingdom of Poland) for the Polish village of Łosice.  There are, in fact, … Continue reading

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The Polish Village of Szwelice

Szwelice was the church-owned village that housed the parish to which the villages of Pomoski and Głodki belonged, and therefore was the home parish to my Niedziałkowski ancestors for many years.  Generally the gazetteer entries in the Słownik Geograficny were more … Continue reading

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The Polish Villages of Pomaski and Głodki

The earliest records for my Niedziałkowski ancestors are in the Krasne parish where the villages of Mosaki and Godacze were located, but my Great-Great-Grandfather, Wojciech Niedziałkowski, moved to the Szwelice parish sometime during his life. In the Szwelice parish, all … Continue reading

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The Polish Village of Mosaki

Genealogical research is usually enhanced when one uses maps and gazetteers to place the locations of ones ancestors in context with the geography of the area.  In Polish genealogical research, the use of maps and gazetteers is essential to finding … Continue reading

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Braciejowice – The Ancestral Village of Stanisław Markiewicz

On his Passenger Manifest and in his Petition for Naturalization, Stanisław Markiewicz named the village of Braciejowice as his birthplace.  When he lived there, Braciejowice was in Russia, near Lublin.  The proximity to Lublin may explain why he called Lublin … Continue reading

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Finding the Ancestral Village of the Skowronskis

A few days ago, I showed the World War II Selective Service Registration Cards for Alexander and Paul Skowronski.  Yesterday, I showed the Ellis Island Passenger Manifest for the same two brothers.  Today, I have the World War I Selective … Continue reading

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The Church in Dubiecko and What I Found There

Yesterday, I showed how to find the parish church for a town in Poland by using a gazetteer.  Two other gazetteers that cover Galicia are the Skorowidz Miejscowości Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej (Index of Place Names of the Republic of Poland) and the Genealogical … Continue reading

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