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Nienadowa Field Sketches – Map 16

I found more family surnames as I examined the Nienadowa, Galicia Field Sketch Map 16 from the Ukrainian Archives. Continue reading

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Family Names on the Nienadowa Field Sketches

In looking over the 1854 field sketches of Nienadowa, I found Wawrzyniec Trupiło, or rather I found two men named Wawrzyniec Trupiło, one named the elder and one named the younger. SOURCE: “Map of the Village of Nienadowa, Galicia – 1854 … Continue reading

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The Marriage of Maciej Sowa and Katarzyna Jachowa

Yesterday, I posted the Birth and Baptismal Record for Agnieszka Sowa, my great grandmother. Today, we’ll look at the Marriage Record for Agnieszka’s parents, my great great grandparents, Maciej Sowa and Katarzyna Jachowa. Their marriage record is the middle record on this image. If you look carefully, though, you’ll notice that someone with the surname Sowa is mentioned in all three marriage records on this image. Continue reading

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The Marriage of Jakub Dańko & Agnieszka Sowa

A while back, I published the Birth and Baptismal Records for my Uncle Jan Dańko, my Aunt Zofia Dańko, and my Grandfather Michał Dańko, all born in Nienadowa, and baptised in Dubiecko, Galicia (Austria-Poland).  The information on the Birth and … Continue reading

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