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The Polish Surnames in My Family Tree

In grade school I always enjoyed the day that came every year when our teachers would ask what our mothers’ maiden names were. My mother’s maiden surname – Niedziałkowski – always got everyone’s attention because it was so unusual. My … Continue reading

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My Galician Grandfather

Birth and Early Life My paternal grandfather, Michael Danko (Michał Dańko), was born in Nienadowa, Galicia on September 22, 1877, the son of Jakub Dańko, a farmer, and Agnieszka Sowa. He was delivered by the midwife Agnieszka Pilch, and was baptized … Continue reading

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The Dańkos of Nienadowa and Wesoła

Back in May, I wrote that I found three passenger manifests that might include the name of my Great Aunt Mary (Dańko) Goliński: Marianna Dańko, age 25, from Nienadowa, Austria Marya Dańko, age 27, from Nienadowa, Austria Marya Dańko, age … Continue reading

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The Birth and Death of Aunt Bronisława

My Aunt Bronisława Dańko died when she was one year old and was buried with two other infants in an unmarked grave in Notre Dame Cemetery in Worcester, Massachusetts. In order to erect on monument on the grave, the cemetery requires that the names of all three infants be included on the monument. The cemetery provided the following information on the three infants: Continue reading

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Wiktor Dziurzyński and The Katyn Forest Massacre

A synopsis of the events surrounding the Katyn Forest Massacre in which Wiktor Dziurzyński was murdered Sign on the Road near Katyn “Memorial to the Polish Officers Who Perished in Katyn” On August 23, 1939 the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was signed by … Continue reading

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Paulette's Dziurzyński Ancestors

When I was searching the Internet for connections to my Dziurzyński ancestors, I came across some information posted by Paulette Mackuliak who was searching for her Dziurzyński ancestors in the same part of Poland where my ancestors lived.  I also found a reply … Continue reading

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Immigration of Johann Dziurzyński and Pawel Goliński

John Dziurzyński was the brother of my paternal grandmother.  I have only two records for him, one of which is his Ellis Island Passenger Arrival Manifest.  John was listed on the passenger manifest as Johann Dzuzynski and he traveled to … Continue reading

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Uncle Jan's Birth in Nienadowa

My uncle, Jan Dańko, was born in Nienadowa, Galicia (Austria-Poland) and immigrated to the United States with his mother and older sister, Zofia.  After he arrived in America, Jan adopted the English version of his name, John, but was more … Continue reading

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The Marriage of Jan Dziura and Magdalena Jara

Yesterday, I wrote about a possible connection to my Dziurzyński ancestors that I discovered through the message boards.  Of the 50 birth/baptism, marriage, and death records I have from the parish in Dubiecko, Poland, only three mention the Dziurzyńskis: The marriage … Continue reading

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The Dziurzyński Brickwall

I have been searching for years for information on the ancestors of my paternal grandmother, Marianna Dziurzyńska.  When I hired a professional genealogist in Poland to find records of my ancestors in Dubiecko, Poland, he found precious little about my … Continue reading

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