The Birth of Victoria Izbicki

Among the children of Bolesław Izbicki and Wiktoria Kruczyńska is their daughter Victoria, born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1908.  Victoria is listed on line 1875 of page 512 in volume 576 of the 1908 Birth Registrations for Worcester.

The Birth Record for Victoria Izbicki

The Birth Record for Victoria Izbicki

SOURCE:  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Births Registered in the City of Worcester for the Year 1908. Victoria Izbicki. Volume 576, Page 512, Number 1875.

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Birth Record for Victoria Izbicki.  The record states that:

  • The Birth Record for Victoria Jzbiski is recorded in Volume 576, Page 512, Line Number 1875 in the Birth Records for the City of Worcester for the year 1908
  • Victoria Jzbiski, a white female, was born on 05 Sep 1908 in Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Victoria’s father was Boleslaw Jzbiski, a laborer born in Russia Poland
  • Victoria’s mother was Victoria Kruceuski, born in Russia Poland
  • Victoria’s birth was recorded in January 1909

The family surnames are spelled Jzbiski and Kruceuski in this record.  Although the records are indexed on the website of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, the fact that each record spells the surnames differently makes searching for these birth records a bit of an adventure.

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