The Petition for Naturalization

Kostanty Niedzialkowski obtained a Certificate of Arrival on April 5, 1935 and filed a new Declaration of Intention on April 27, 1935.  He had to wait at least three years but no more than seven years before filing a Petition for Naturalization.  He did so on July 18, 1939.

The Petition for Naturalization for Kostanty Niedzialkowski – 1939 included much of the same information contained in his Declaration of Intention with three exceptions:

  1. Kostanty was now living at 18 Huntington Avenue, Worcester, Worcester Co., Massachusetts
  2. Kostanty renounced allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, and particularly the Republic of Poland and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
  3. Kostanty obtained the affidavits of two witnesses who were already citizens of the United States

The affidavits of witnesses were signed by Walter Meleski who was a bartender, and Alfons Dapkiewicz who was a fireman.  Both resided on Glacier St., Morningdale, Massachusetts.  Walter and Alfons testified that they had known Kostanty since 1920 and that he had resided in Worcester, Worcester Co. continuously since 1920.  They also testified that he was a person of good moral character and suitable to be admitted as a citizen of the United States.

On March 25, 1940, Kostanty signed his Oath of Allegiance and was granted a Certificate of Citizenship.

His timing was perfect.  In July 1940, the United States began the Alien Registration Program in which all alien residents over the age of fourteen, regardless of nationality or naturalization status, were required to register at the post office.

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