Peggy Yvonne Middleton a.k.a. Yvonne DeCarlo a.k.a. Lily Munster

Yvonne DeCarlo died on 08 Jan 2007.  She was born Margaret Yvonne Middleton on 01 Sep 1922 in Vancouver, British Columbia, although the exact date of her date of birth is the subject of some speculation.  Through her life, Margaret usually went by the name of Peggy.  Peggy’s father left in 1925, and when she was 15 years old, her mother brought her to Hollywood.

For a stage name, Peggy took her own middle name and her mother’s middle name to become Yvonne DeCarlo.  A beautiful young woman, Peggy began a successful career in motion pictures; one of her most important roles was as the wife of Moses in the film The Ten Commandments.

The role for which she is best known, however, was as Lily Munster on the television show The Munsters.

Peggy was born too late to be listed on the currently available Canadian Census Records, and she arrived in the United States too late to be listed on the currently available United States Census Records.  However, genealogical information about Peggy Yvonne Middleton is readily available on the internet, such as this clipping about her marriage to Robert Morgan.

Yvonne DeCarlo Marriage

Yvonne DeCarlo’s Marriage to Robert Morgan

SOURCE: “Yvonne DeCarlo Weds”. Dallas Morning News. November 22, 1955. Page 16.

The greatest source of records about Peggy on is the Immigration Records, since she traveled frequently.  Being a Canadian Citizen, she had to register as an alien each time she entered the United States.  Peggy frequently traveled with Constance MacKenzie.

Peggy Middleton 1951 Southampton

Passenger Manifest from Mallorca to New York 1951

Based on this manifest, Peggy was born in 1924 and Constance was born in 1901.  This manifest shows that the two women sailed in First Class on the S.S. Independence from Mallorca.  Constance traveled with 5 pieces of luggage.  Peggy traveled with 8 pieces of luggage.  I don’t even own 8 pieces of luggage.

Peggy Middleton 1952 Southampton

Passenger Manifest from Southampton to New York 1952

Based on this manifest, Peggy and Constance have both become younger.  Although this manifest was prepared a year after the previous manifest, both Peggy and Constance have become a year younger.  Based on this information, Peggy was born in 1926, and Constance was born in 1903.  This time, the two women traveled First Class on the S.S. United States from Southampton.  Constance traveled with 4 pieces of luggage and Peggy with 8.

By examining the immigration records at, one can follow Peggy around the world in the 1940s and 1950s.  While most of our ancestors left behind only one passenger manifest, Peggy left dozens.

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8 Responses to Peggy Yvonne Middleton a.k.a. Yvonne DeCarlo a.k.a. Lily Munster

  1. Cheryl Palmer says:

    Very interesting, and informative information about Yvonne. I learned, and enjoyed! Thanks for taking the time away from your own family research to do this. I am waiting to see an article from you in a newspaper or magazine! Nice, thanks!

  2. Hi Cheryl!

    Thanks for your comment.  I enjoyed researching and writing about Peggy Middleton / Yvonne DeCarlo.  I have to admit that I didn’t watch The Munsters very much when it was first aired. I do, however, remember Yvonne DeCarlo in her role as Lily Munster. I’ll have to rent The Ten Commandments and watch for her in that movie. I’ve seen the The Ten Commandments before, but I’ve never connected the wife of Moses wtih Lily Munster. I suspect it will be a somewhat surreal experience!


  3. Cheryl Palmer says:

    I used to watch the Munsters when I was young, and enjoyed it! I have seen the Ten Commandments many times, although not in the past several years. I never knew the wife of Moses was Lily Munster, until Lily Munster died. I love that, Lily Munster, the wife of Moses! See, you should be writing for someone! (Oh but I suppose you are………here!) 😉

  4. I live in Van Lear, Kentucky. Van Lear is best known for its connections to
    Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gayle. I am currently researching a book about
    the community of Van Lear. Someone told me that they remembered
    Yvonne DeCarlo staying with an aunt in Van Lear, before going to Hollywood.
    Have you ever heard of Yvonne spending time with an aunt in Kentucky?
    If she did, then I would like very much to know the details. Anyone who
    knows anything that would support or disprove this story are urged to
    contact me at the email address listed above.

    Thank you!

  5. Hi Danny,

    Sorry I don’t know anything about Yvonne DeCarlo staying in Van Lear, but maybe someone else who reads this will know something more.


  6. Dave says:

    Constance Ross-Mackenzie was Yvonne’s aunt and the first wife of my uncle Kenneth who was born in Scotland.

    • Joe Williams says:

      Can you share any more biographical information about Constance Ross Mackenzie? I am holding her ‘How to Mime” booklet in my hands right now, and am trying to figure out where she was born, where she taught, where she studied etc.

      Many thanks,

  7. Well, Dave, that explains why Constance traveled with Yvonne so frequently! Thanks for the information!

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