The Birth of Bernard Izbicki – 1910

Bernard Izbicki, son of Bolesław Izbicki and Wiktoria Krutzińska, second husband of Anastasia Rita Meleski,was born on 12 May 1910 in Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA.

Birth Record for Bernard Izbicki

Birth Record for Bernard Izbicki

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Birth Record for Bernard Izbicki – 1910.  The record states:

  • The Birth Record for Bernard Izbiski is recorded in Volume 592, Page 514, Line Number 1767 in the Birth Records for the City of Worcester for the year 1910
  • Bernard Izbiski, a white male, was born on 12 May 1910 in Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Bernard’s father was Boleslaw Izbiski, a laborer born in Russia Poland
  • Bernard’s mother was Victoria Krutzinski, born in Russia Poland
  • Bernard’s birth was recorded in January 1911

It’s interesting to note that the names in this record are spelled differently than they are spelled in other records.  In this record, the surname is spelled Izbiski, but in later records, the surname is spelled Izbicki.  In this record, Bernard’s father is Boleslaw, but in later records his name is spelled Boleslas.  In this record, Bernard’s mother is Victoria Krutzinski, but in later records her name is spelled Victoria Kruczynska.

Bernard’s Death Certificate shows that the place of origin of his parents is Poland.  His Birth Record is a bit more specific – it states that Bernard’s parents were born in Russia-Poland.

In most of these earlier Vital Records, there are two page numbers listed – one written at the top center of the page.  The one that is actually used to find the records is stamped in the upper left.

The actual image for this record was obtained from the high quality images on the website of the New England Historic Genealogical Society.  These images are just one reason why those with New England Ancestors should join the NEHGS.

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