The Death of Albert F. Blackman

Anastasia Rita Meleski’s first husband, Albert F. Blackman, died on 11 Jul 1966.  The Certificate of Death for Albert Blackman is not the Standard Certificate of Death.  It is, rather, a Medical Examiner’s Certificate of Death.  I’m not sure what circumstances required a Medical Examiner’s Certificate.  Perhaps the fact that Albert was a relatively young, 51-year-old man when he died prompted the investigation.

Death Record for Albert F Blackman

Medical Examiner’s Certificate of Death for Albert F. Blackman

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Medical Examiner’s Certificate of Death for Albert F. Blackman – 1966.  The Certificate shows that:

  • Albert F. Blackman, a 51-year-old white male, married to Rita Meleski, died on 11 Jul 1966 at 147 Cullinane Drive, Marlborough, Middlesex County, Massachusetts;
  • Albert was a veteran of World War II and had resided at 147 Cullinane Drive for 10 years;
  • Albert’s usual occupation was as a writer for the Record American; he apparently did not have a Social Security Number;
  • He was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts; his father was Clifford Blackman who was born in Boston, Massachusetts; his mother was Jane Goodrich who was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts;
  • The informant was his wife, Mrs. Rita Blackman of 147 Cullinane Drive, Marlboro, Massachusetts;
  • The cause and manner of Albert’s death was heart disease, presumably coronary sclerosis – he was found dead in bed;
  • Albert’s death was not an accident, suicide, or homicide, no autopsy was performed, and his death was not related to his occupation;
  • The death was certified by R. N. Rittenhouse, M.D. of 540 Bolton St., Marlboro, Massachusetts on 11 Jul 1966;
  • Albert was buried in Notre Dame Cemetery, Worcester, Massachusetts on 14 Jul 1966 by John J. Brown & Son of 95 West Main Street, Marlboro, Massachusetts;
  • The certificate was filed on 12 Jul 1966 by Rita T. Lapine and the burial permit was issued on 12 Jul 1966 by Peter P. Cottone, an Agent for the Board of Health;
  • The Certificate of Death was recorded in Volume 72, Page 35 of the 1966 Death Certificates of Marlboro June 2 – Dec 30 to Medford Jan 1 – Mar 31;
  • Miscellaneous other numbers on the Certificate include a handwritten 9-28 and a stamped number that appears to be 028935; the word MEDICAL appears in large print across the face of the document.

Albert died very young.  It’s no wonder that Anastasia Rita remarried two years later.

The certificate states that Albert’s mother, Jane Goodrich, was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts, but other documents, including Albert and Anastasia Rita’s Marriage Certificate and Jane Goodrich’s Birth Record, state that Jane was born in Everett.

One curious statement on the Death Certificate form itself is that the Agent of the Board of Health certified that a satisfactory STANDARD Certificate of Death was filed.  In fact, a Standard Certificate of Death was not filed – a Medical Examiner’s Certificate of Death was filed instead.

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