The Marriage of Bernard J. Izbicki and Rita (Meleski) Blackman

My half first cousin once removed, Anastasia Rita Meleski, was married twice.  Her first marriage was to Albert Francis Blackman, who predeceased her.  In the record of her marriage to Bernard J. Izbicki, her name is listed as Rita (Meleski) Blackman.

Marriage Record for Bernard Izbicki and Rita Meleski Blackman

The Marriage Record for Bernard J. Izbicki and Rita (Meleski) Blackman

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Marriage Record for Bernard J. Izbicki and Rita (Meleski) Blackman – 1968.  This record states that:

  • Bernard J. Izbicki was a 58 year old white man born in Worcester, Massachusetts and residing at 10 Ripley Street, Worcester, Massachusetts
  • He was a postal worker, and his parents were Boleslaus Izbicki and Victoria Kruczynska
  • Rita (Meleski) Blackman was a 57 year old white woman born in Worcester, Massachusetts and residing at 147 Cullinane Drive, Marlborough, Massachusetts
  • She was a social worker, and her parents were Joseph Meleski and Katherine Warchol
  • Bernard was divorced, Rita was widowed, and this was the second marriage for both of them
  • The intention of marriage was entered at Marlborough on 17 May 1968 and the certificate was issued on 24 May 1968 by Rita T. Lapine
  • The wedding was solemnized on 04 Jun 1968 in Our Lady of Czestochowa Church in Worcester by the Right Reverend Charles J. Chwalek, a priest residing at 34 Ward Street, Worcester, Massachusetts
  • The certificate was received by the city or town clerk, Rita T. Lapine on 06 Jun 1968
  • The Registered No. was 90 and the Intention No. was 86
  • There is a notation that “Meds on file” (probably the medical certificate of death for Rita’s first husband) and that Divorce papers on file” (Bernard’s divorce)
  • The certificate also notes the page number 311 in Volume 49 of the Marriage Records for Marlborough in 1968, and further there is a hand written notation 14-61

The record shows that Rita was still living in the home that she and Albert Blackman shared before his death two years earlier.

The most interesting part of this marriage record, however, is that even though Bernard Izbicki was divorced, this marriage took place in a Roman Catholic Church.  The only way that I think this could have happened is if Bernard’s first marriage was not solemnized in the Catholic Church.  Very unusual.  I’ll have to look for the record of Bernard’s first marriage and the record of his divorce.  Very unusual, indeed.

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