Some Genealogical Resolutions for the New Year

The year 2006 is rapidly reaching its end, and with the advent of the New Year it’s a good time to evaluate my genealogical research and prepare a research plan for the next twelve months.  In no particular order, other than the order in which these thoughts come to mind, here are my genealogical resolutions for the New Year:

  • Complete the coursework for a Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies (PLCGS) through the National Institute for Genealogical Studies / University of Toronto
  • Hire a professional genealogist in Poland to visit Dubiecko and Dylągowa parishes to help trace my Dańko and Dziurzyński ancestors there (these records have not yet been microfilmed by the Family History Library)
  • Renew my lapsed membership with the California Genealogical Society and volunteer to help with one of their projects (this group has transcribed an incredible number of records from the San Francisco Bay area)
  • Finish the transcription of Polish village names in powiat makowski for the Polish Genealogical Society of America
  • Record oral histories from my relatives, a big project that I think is best undertaken a little at a time, but one that I need to begin
  • Finish reading The Peasants by Wladysław Reymont
  • Attend a major national genealogical conference or genealogy cruise
  • Clear out “The Box” – this pile of genealogical papers has become so large that I’m convinced they’re reproducing on their own
  • Publish an updated family history for at least one of my family lines and distribute copies to my relatives
  • Begin a one-name study of the Niedziałkowski surname

Whew!  I’m exhausted just thinking about all this!  I may not accomplish all of these goals in 2007, but that’s OK, too.  A little at a time, bit by bit, record by record, the story of my ancestors unfolds.

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9 Responses to Some Genealogical Resolutions for the New Year

  1. Quite the list there.
    I always say though, better to aim too high than too low.
    i always find that the more I have on my plate, the more motivation I have to be productive.
    Best of luck with your goals!

    Ralph Link
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  2. Cheryl Palmer says:

    That is quite a list! It prompts me to set more specific goals with my genealogy this year, this reminded me of a couple areas I haven’t touched for awhile, primarily working on some family histories. My problem is jumping around to much, I plan to try to focus on one line in particular for awhile! Wishing you all the best working on your list!

  3. Hi Ralph, Hi Cheryl,

    Yes, this is an ambitious list. I’m not very worried about whether or not I achieve everything, but it’s good for me to lay out some goals. Usually the goals change after a few months, anyway. All the best in the New Year!


  4. James says:

    Hi Steve,

    I hope that you manage to get some of these done, I wish you loads of luck. Good luck with your genealogy courses as well – I look forward to reading about some of your work for this on your blog. Have a great new year, James.

  5. Apple says:

    A very ambitious list! Good luck with the classes.

  6. Hi James, Hi Apple!

    Thanks for your well wishes! I’m enjoying the classes, but they’re also quite a bit of work, leaving me little time for relaxation. Still, I’m sure my research will benefit from all the education I’m getting.


  7. Hi Steve,
    Well, we looked you up and you DID renew your membership to CGS! Are you still planning to get involved in some way with the society? I shared your url with one of our members who does Polish research and with CGS President, Jane Lindsey. She has been thinking about creating a workshop that combines some of the more specialized geographical areas – would you be interested in participating? Also, we would love for you to visit our new location (2201 Broadway, Suite LL, Oakland), take some photos, and blog about us (loved your reports from the FHL in April). We have also put up the beta version of the CGS library catalogue at
    Kathryn Doyle
    CGS Publicity Volunteer

  8. Hi Kathryn,

    Yes, I finally renewed my membership! I intend to make it to a meeting at some point and would enjoy participating in a workshop. I would also like to take pictures of your new digs and blog about it. My big problem right now is finding the time to do evrything I want to do!

  9. Hi Steve,

    I just wanted to be sure you got my email about your availability in October. We are planning our Family History Month lectures. (Perhaps my direct emails are ending up in your spam folder?) Please contact me when you get home from NY.


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