The Marriage of Clifford A Blackman and Jane A Goodrich

After finding the Marriage Record for Albert Francis Blackman and Anastasia Rita Meleski, I looked for the Birth Record for Albert.  Apparently Albert was born in 1915, so his birth record was not available at the Massachusetts Registry of Vital Records and Statistics or on the website of the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS).  The only repository that holds the Massachusetts Vital Records for 1911-1915 is the Massachusetts State Archives, so I’ll have to wait for a chance to visit the archives for this record.

I then looked for the Marriage Record of Albert Blackman’s parents, Clifford A Blackman and Jane A Goodrich, since their names were on the Marriage Record of Albert and Anastasia Rita.  This record was on the website of the NEHGS, and as I mentioned in a previous article, the records on the NEHGS website are much superior to the microfilm images available through the Massachusetts State Archives.

Marriage Record for Clifford Blackman and Jane Goodrich

Marriage Register for Clifford A Blackman and Jane A Goodrich

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Marriage Record for Clifford A Blackman and Jane A. Goodrich – 1907.  The record states that:

  • Clifford A Blackman and Jane A Goodrich were married on 17 Sep 1907 in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Clifford was 25 years old, this was his first marriage, he lived at 56 Francis Street in Boston, and his occupation was as an Editor
  • Clifford was born in Boston and his parents were Allen Blackman and Abbie F Peterson
  • Jane was 23 years old, this was her first marriage, she lived at 18 Sunset Street in Boston, and her occupation was listed as “At Home”
  • Jane was born in Everett and her parents were Charles I Goodrich and Helen C Sherlock
  • The couple was married by Sinon J Grogran, a priest whose residence was at 1545 Tremont Street in Boston
  • The marriage was recorded on 18 Sep 1907 as entry number 5259

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