Życzę wam szczęścia i wszystkego najlepszego w nowym roku!

I just returned from spending Christmas with family on the east coast and thought I’d say a few words before heading to bed for the night.

I received a couple of messages from Poland while I was away during Christmas and I wanted to respond to them here, so the title above, translated from the Polish, reads “I wish you happiness and all the best in the New Year!”

I opened the Christmas cards and letters that arrived while I was away (the bills will have to wait) and was particularly moved by a quote that my friend Gregory Maguire included in his holiday letter.  Some of you may recognize Greg as the author of Wicked and many other novels for adults and children.  The quote that Greg included in his letter is from the writer M. T. Anderson:

“This is what we must do as writers.  We must build our home from nothing.  We must rise every morning, and we must sing the world into existence, star by star, peak by peak, child by child.  We must begin in darkness, and end in dawn.”

Regarding this quote, Greg wrote:

“It’s about writing, but it’s appropriate, I think, to comment on all our endeavors.”

I agree.

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2 Responses to Życzę wam szczęścia i wszystkego najlepszego w nowym roku!

  1. Jasia says:

    Great quotes Steve. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jasia,

    As a writer yourself, I imagine the quote from M. T. Anderson holds special meaning!

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