Aunt Bronisława’s Monument

On my way to visit my family for the holidays, I stopped by Notre Dame Cemetery in Worcester, Massachusetts.  I knew that the monument for my Aunt Bronisława Dańko had been set in place a few weeks ago, about six months after I ordered the stone and designed the inscription.

BronisÅ?awa's Grave - Front

Bronisława’s Monument – Front

BronisÅ?awa's Grave - Back

Bronisława’s Monument – Back

I previously posted the cemetery record for the burial of the three infants along with the birth and death records for Bronisława Dańko, John Kurpiel, and Franciszek Stoma.

The grave is in Section 3, Lot 1464, Graves 1A, 1B, and 1C.  Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Map of the Notre Dame Cemetery.  Section 3 is in the old part of the cemetery, is in the upper right of the map and aerial photo below.  The grave and monument are very close to the edge of the road and the names on the monument can be seen from the road in either direction.

 Notre Dame Cemetery Map

Map of Notre Dame Cemetery

Aerial View of Notre Dame Cemetery

Aerial View of Notre Dame Cemetery

Copyright © 2006 by Stephen J. Danko

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6 Responses to Aunt Bronisława’s Monument

  1. Hi Steve,

    The new marker is impressive and beautiful. There are three markers I would like to personally replace: that of my great-grandfather, Rainey Baines Morgan (27 Nov 1851 to 13 Sep 1891), which was broken by a falling tree limb; that of my Grandmother Morgan — Laura Augusta “Minnie” Wilson Morgan — which only lists her nickname, “Minnie”; and that of my favorite aunt, Mary Allen Morgan, so that I can add an epitaph to her marker.

    I applaud your generosity to the family and to history to mark these graves of your family. It isn’t inexpensive to do, nor is it easy to arrange and coordinate from a long distance. I don’t know how you do all you do, but I salute you!


  2. By the way, what is the small plate attached to the lower right on the marker’s face? What does it say?


  3. Thanks, George,

    I was very happy with the way the monument turned out. Although nearly every grave in this section of Notre Dame Cemetery is occupied, there aren’t very many headstones in this section of the cemetery. I’m glad I was able to memorialize my aunt this way.

    The small plate attached at the lower right of the marker is the name and address of the monument company – Empire Granite Company in Worcester, Massachusetts. Nearly all the markers for my family in Notre Dame Cemetery were crafted by Empire Granite. Although I had never visited Empire Granite before I ordered Bronislawa’s monument, the employees immediately recognized my surname and even named some of my relatives for me!

  4. Cheryl Palmer says:

    This was a project for you, and not an inexpensive one! Knowing the thought process that went into it makes it even more special, it was not just “thrown” together. I am so pleased to have been a “part” of the process and to be able to see the end result! You are a very special man to do what you have done, what an honor to them! It turned out absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  5. karen miller says:

    Hi Steve,
    Next time I”m at the cemetary I’ll look for this stone. Very nice job and so nice of you too. I never heard of her so it was like i found a long lost relative but at the same time, sad that I didn’t know about her before.
    I do believe that this stone may be way in the back of notre dame cemetary in “the old section”. My maternal great uncle John Soboroski and an aunt Sophie (baby) is also buried in the back.

  6. Hi Karen,

    Happy Easter! I posted a photo of the monument for Sophie Skowronski and John Soboroski that Louise Gagnon sent me. Bronislawa’s grave is not far from Sophie and John’s grave. In fact, I think you have to pass Bronislawa’s grave to get to Sophie and John’s grave. Bronislawa’s grave is so close to the road that it shouldn’t be hard to find.


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