Temple Square

I took these pictures in Temple Square on the day after Thanksgiving after the Family History Library closed for the evening.  This was the night when the holiday lights were turned on in Temple Square and the whole downtown area was full of people.

Salt Lake Temple

Salt Lake Temple

The neo-gothic Salt Lake Temple is the most recognizable structure in Salt Lake City.  You can see the gilt statue of the Angel Moroni on top of one of the towers.

Between the Visitors' Center and the Temple

Between the Visitors’ Center and the Temple

The Temple is on the left and the Visitors’ Center is on the right.  In the background the tall building to the left is the LDS Church Office Building and the shorter building to the right is the Joseph Smith Memorial Building where the Family Search Center is located.

Assembly Hall

The Assembly Hall

The Assembly Hall is my favorite building in Temple Square.  The gothic structure was built between 1877-1882.  The pillar to the left with the golden seagull on top is Seagull Monument to commemorate an event in June 1848 when swarms of crickets (now called “Mormon Crickets”) threatened the crops of the pioneers.  Flocks of seagulls arrived and devoured the crickets, saving the crops.

Inside the Assembly Hall

Inside the Assembly Hall

The Assembly Hall houses a 3,489 pipe organ and is most often used for free weekly concerts.  The columns (a couple can be seen under the balcony to the right) are contructed of white pine and painted to look like marble.

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4 Responses to Temple Square

  1. Jack Wood says:

    Beautiful pictures. My wife and I spent almost a week in Salt Lake City last summer. We’re from Pahrump, Nevada. Visited and researched the Family History Library the whole time.

  2. Other people look forward to enjoying warm sandy beaches or ski slopes with fresh powder during their vacations. Genealogists would rather spend the time in libraries, courthouses, cemeteries, and archives!

    I had to look on a map to find out where Pahrump, Nevada is. It looks like you’re within driving distance of quite a few national parks, preserves, and recreation areas! Maybe I could come visit sometime, when I’m not busy at a microfilm reader…. :-)

  3. Cheryl Palmer says:

    Having never been to the Salt Lake Temple, I particularly enjoyed the pictures! I have been through Salt Lake on my motorcycle, but at the time wasn’t involved in genealogy and didn’t make it a point to see this beautiful building! But next time………!

    I have been through Pahrump, on the way to Boulder City, Henderson and Vegas. It is nice when a husband and wife are both interested in the same hobby!

  4. I should post my pictures from a few years ago when it started snowing while I was taking pictures in Temple Square – the falling snow created an entirely different atmosphere. Even the crowd reacted differently when the snow was falling – all the children were a lot more boisterous, laughing and throwing snowballs at each other!

    And who’d have guessed that you’d been through Pahrump! Who’d have guessed that anybody would name a town Pahrump! Then, again, who’d have thought I used to work just outside of Podunk, Vermont? But I digress…

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