Saturday at the Family History Library

Today was my second and last day at the Family History Library.  I can say that, in the past two days, I have added a few names to my Niedzialkowski family line (two more children of my great great great great grandparents), and i added more details about the lives of some people already in my database.

Also, in response to a request, i took a few photographs, both inside and outside of the Family History Library.  I was told I could take all the photographs I wanted inside the library, as long as I only take photographs of people who consent to being photographed.  Those photos will have to wait until i get home so I can upload them to the server.

I also managed to finish the final exams for two of the genealogy courses I’m taking through the National Institute for Genealogical Studies – Canadian Census Records Part 2, and US Probate Records.  And, yes, I think I did very well on the final exams, thank-you for asking.

Sunday will be a relaxing day for me.  I might even take the opportunity to read the Sunday paper and have room service deliver breakfast.  Then, it’s back home to sort out the information I found while I was here.  To tell the truth, I haven’t finished sorting out the information I collected from the last two trips I made to Salt Lake City!

I have another hour before the Family History Library closes for the evening.  Just enough time to make sure I have all my sources correctly cited!

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