The Marriage of Rajmund Rutkowski and Katarzyna Konarzewska – 1858

After the death of her husband Julian Stanisław Chodkowski and her son Leopold Chodkowski, Katarzyna Konarzewska (daughter of the deceased Paweł Konarzewski and Joanna Milewska) married Rajmund Rutkowski (son of the deceased Tomasz Rutkowski and Anna Rutkowska) in the parish church in Gołymin, Przasnysz Powiat, Płock Gubernia, Congress Kingdom of Poland on 11 November 1858.

The Marriage Record of Rajmund Rutkowski and Katarzyna Konarzewska - 1858

The Marriage of Rajmund Rutkowski and Katarzyna Konarzewska – 1858

SOURCE: Parafia pw. św. Jana Chrzciciela (Gołymin, Prasnysz Powiat, Płock Gubernia, Congress Kingdom of Poland), “Akta urodzeń, małżeństw, zgonów 1851-1859 [Records of Births, Marriages, and Deaths 1851-1859],” folio 45 recto, entry 21, Rajmund Rutkowski and Katarzyna Konarzewska, 11 Nov 1858; filmed as Kopie księg metrykalnych, 1806-1865; FHL INTL microfilm 0,702,591.

Click on the image above to view a higher resolution image. Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Marriage Record of Rajmund Rutkowski and Katarzyna Konarzewska. Translated from the Polish, the record reads:

No 21 Wólki
This happened in Gołymin on the eleventh day of November in the year one-thousand eight-hundred fifty-eight at the hour of three in the afternoon. We make it known that in the presence of witnesses Franciszek Żbikowksi forty years of age residing in Wólki, and Julian Rutkowski, thirty-seven years of age residing in Rutki, owners [of their villages], on this day a religious marriage was contracted between Rajmund Rutkowski, an unmarried man twenty-one years of age, son of the married couple, the deceased Tomasz and the living Anna née Rutkowski, residing and born in Rutki, and Katarzyna née Konarzewska Chodkowska, thirty years of age, widow of the deceased Julian Chodkowski who died on the thirteenth day of December the year one-thousand eight-hundred fifty-six in [Mosaki] Rukle in the parish of Krasne. The wedding was preceded by three readings of the banns in this parish and in the parish of Ciechanów on the twenty-fourth and thirty-first days of October and also on the seventh day of November. Verbal permission from the side of the young man to contract this marriage was announced by his mother who was present for this record. The newlyweds stated that they had made no prenuptial agreement between them. This religious ceremony was performed by the Reverend Jan Jemielity, Pastor of the Parish of Gołymin. This document was read aloud and signed by Us; the declarants do not know how to write
 [signed] The Reverend Jan Jemielity, Administrator of the Church and Civil Registrar

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