The Crew Manifest of the World War II Liberty Ship 'Joaquin Miller'

I’ve been taking the opportunity to search the Immigration Collection at during the Free access to this database through the end of the month of November.  Yesterday, I found the Crew Manifest for the World War II Liberty Ship S. S. Daniel Drake on which my father served.  Today, I found the Crew Manifest for the World War II Liberty Ship S. S. Joaquin Miller, on which my uncle Frederick F. Niedzialkowski served.

Crew Manifest for the SS Joaquin Miller page 1

Crew Manifest for the S.S. Joaquin Miller (Page 1)

Click on the link for a PDF copy of page 1 of the manifest.  My uncle’s record states that:

  • The manifest is that of the S/S Joaquin Miller
  • The ship departed Boston and arrived in New York
  • Frederick F. Niedzialkowski is listed on line 21
  • He had been to sea for 1 year at this point in time
  • His position in the ship’s company was Seaman 1/c (Seaman, First Class)
  • He was not to be discharged at the port of arrival (New York)
  • He was able to read
  • He was 19 years old, was of the male sex, was of the Polish race, and his nationality was US
  • Fred’s height was 6’1″, and his weight was 176 (pounds)
  • He had a scar on his right wrist

Other pages of the manifest show that the ship was operated by the Isthmian Steamship Co., 71 Broadway, New York, and that it arrived in New York on 31 August 1943.  Other pages show that the ship was expected to leave New York on 11 September 1943 and that it stopped in Newport News, Virginia on 14 September 1943, thence heading for foreign locations.

There is also an enigmatic notation on one page that the ship had previously left Bizerte (Tunisia?) on 20 July 1943.  In this notation about Bizerte, the port of departure Boston was crossed out and the port of Bizerte was written in.

I’ll have to check with my cousins to see if they have a copy of Fred’s military records to see if those records include any additional information on Fred’s destinations while in the Navy.

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