The Birth and Baptism of Zofia Głowacz

My great grandfather, Jakub Dańko, was married twice.  His first marriage was to my great grandmother Agnieszka Sowa who died after falling while picking cherries.  His second marriage was to my cousin Piotr’s great grandmother, Zofia Głowacz.  Zofia was born in Nienadowa in 1870.  Zofia’s Birth and Baptismal Record is Number 89, the second from the top on this page of the parish register.

The Birth and Baptismal Record for Zofia Glowacz

The Birth and Baptismal Record for Zofia Głowacz

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Birth and Baptismal Record for Zofia Głowacz – 1870.  The record, translated from the Latin states that:

Page Number: Not provided
Number: 89
Birth: December 15, 1870
Baptism: December 19, 1870
House Number: 118
Name: Zofia Głowacz
Religion: Catholic
Sex: Girl
Legitimacy: Legitimate
Father: Jan Głowacz, gardener, son of the married couple Józef Głowacz and Anna Giergont
Mother: Marianna Szymańska, daughter of the married couple Piotr Szymański and Zofia Witkowska
Godparents and their occupations: Pawel Podgórniak, gardener, and Zofia, wife of Wojciech Głowacz, farmers
Baptized by: Father Karol Niedzielski
Midwife: Zofia Wrotna

Like other church records from the former Galicia, this document is written in columnar format in Latin.

This record not only provides the names of Zofia’s parents, Jan Głowacz and Anna Giergont, but also provides the names of her grandparents, Józef Głowacz and Anna Giergont, and Piotr Szymański and Zofia Witkowska.

This page of the register shows two other records, both of which include names associated with my ancestors:  Pilch, Bal, Szymański, Wrotny, Chruścicki, and Dańko.

In fact, the Birth and Baptismal Record for Wiktoria Bębenek shows that her mother is Zofia Dańko, the daughter of Maciej Dańko, which means that Wiktoria is my great grandfather Jakub’s second cousin!  Unfortunately, I don’t have an image of this complete page, and so I’m not able to read all of the information in her record.

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