Photographs from Gladys Graig's Funeral

I just returned from Gladys Graig’s funeral in Stamford, New York.  While there, I took quite a few photographs for the family.

Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran Church, Stamford, New York

Trinity Lutheran Church Interior

Trinity Lutheran Church, Interior

Gladys' Casket at Jefferson Evergreen Cemetery

Gladys’ Casket at Jefferson Evergreen Cemetery, Jefferson, New York

Lukas Graig at His Grandmother's Graveside

Lukas Graig at His Grandmother’s Grave

Gravestone for Vernon and Gladys Graig

Gravestone for Vernon and Gladys Graig

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3 Responses to Photographs from Gladys Graig's Funeral

  1. Cheryl Palmer says:

    Wonderful pictures, great camera, great family historian! Welcome back home

  2. Thanks for your constant encouragement, Cheryl! I’m glad to be back home.

  3. Jeff Graig says:

    What a great web-blog! I want to thank-you again for all your help with our family history and for taking heartfelt pictures at my Mother’s funeral and helping me do a loving tribute to her.

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