The Dańkos of Kraków

I received a surprise in my email today – a message from my half-second cousin Piotr Dańko in Kraków!

If you listened to the recent Genealogy Guys Podcast from October 23, 2006, you’ll know that Drew Smith interviewed me over the telephone and we discussed, among other things, my trip to Poland in 2000.  Drew asked me if I had met any of my relatives still living in Poland, and I told him that, although I met some of the Dańkos in Nienadowa, nobody there thought I was related to them.

In the end, there was a suggestion that I might be related to a Dańko living in Kraków.

I remember that my Aunt Helen told me that my Great-Grandmother Agnieszka Sowa fell while picking cherries and died.  My Great-Grandfather Jakub Dańko then married Zofia Głowacz and the couple had a son.  Further, one of the descendants of this line went to live in Kraków.

When I received the email from Piotr Dańko today, he provided me information that convinced me that he is descended from this line, the marriage of Jakub Dańko and Zofia Głowacz.  This makes us half-second cousins.  Jakub Dańko is our common ancestor – he is a great grandfather to both of us.  However, we are half-cousins, because we have different great grandmothers.

I’m looking forward to exchanging information with Piotr.  This is the first contact I’ve had with any relatives still living in Poland.

I’ve included in today’s post a photo of my grandfather, Michał Dańko.  My grandfather Michał is the half-brother of Piotr’s grandfather.  I don’t know the date of this photo.  I guess it was taken on Henchman Street in Worcester, Massachusetts in the 1930s or 1940s.

Michael Danko on Henchman Street

Michał Dańko (Michael Danko)

Thanks to my cousin, Marguerite Martin, for providing me with this photograph.

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2 Responses to The Dańkos of Kraków

  1. Barbara Poole says:

    What wonderful news! I hope he can provide you with more information, but I think you probably have more to share with him. Bet he is amazed at your blog and all that you have.
    On another note, the cemetery photo is very lovely and one can tell it is tended with loving care. Your mother would be proud.
    I also heard your podcast, much longer than I expected but I sure didn’t mind. I enjoy listening to the guys, and you were an added bonus. You were absolutely fine.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. I really have to admit, the email from Piotr really made my day! I sent Piotr a genealogy report on all the infomation I had on the Dankos. The report was 24 pages long and I didn’t include sources.

    I did want to add one note on the care of my mother’s grave. Since I live 3000 miles from where my mom is buried, I only get to visit the grave once or twice a year. I think my sister Bev stops by about once a week and she has been the primary caretaker of the grave for the last 26 years. I know that some of my cousins stop by from time to time, and when they’re there, they pull up the weeds and water the flowers. My sister sometimes finds that some anonymous visitor has placed a little garden ornament in amongst the flowers.

    And as for the podcast – I had a lot of fun talking with Drew Smith. I think Drew planned on talking with me for only about 20 minutes, but we kept talking for about a half hour.

    Now, Barbara, I’m hoping you’ll write another GuestBlog. Your columns always seem to be very popular!

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