Genealogical Resolutions for 2010

It’s time, once again, to make some genealogical resolutions for the New Year. I was able to complete two of my resolutions for 2009: complete the requirements for a Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies (PLCGS) and travel to Poland. Both were rewarding experiences.

Still, I didn’t achieve my other three goals, and those three remain on the top of my list for 2010:

1.  Complete the requirements to become a Certified Genealogist. I’ve already completed most of the requirements; I just need to put my package together. Will I be able to complete this goal in 2010?

2.  Recruit a larger participation in the Danko Surname Study and the Niedziałkowski Surname Study, especially the DNA projects associated with those studies. I made some progress in 2009, but I hope to expand my efforts significantly in 2010.

3.  Enter source citation information into my genealogy database. I have been faithful at attaching source citations to the information on this blog, but I’ve been lax at transferring that information to my genealogy software.

4.  Complete a survey of parish records in the area of Poland around Ciechanów and Maków for records of the Niedziałkowski family. I already have records for my Niedziałkowski ancestors back to my 8th great grandfather (born in about 1610), but I’d like to trace more of my Niedziałkowski cousins forward in time, and also document other Niedziałkowski lines that I cannot yet connect to my own.

5.  Complete a survey of parish records in the area of Poland around Lublin for records of the Dańko family. These Dańkos may or may not be related to me, but this effort is part of the Danko Surname Study.

Attempting to achieve these resolutions is a challenging goal for 2010, but I do believe that writing out my goals is the first step toward achieving them.

Written for the 87th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy – New Year’s Resolutions!

Copyright © 2010 by Stephen J. Danko

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2 Responses to Genealogical Resolutions for 2010

  1. J.M. says:

    Great goals! I hope they work out for you in 2010.

  2. Very inspiring to see your website, Steve! My paternal roots are in Kasperowce (now Kasperivtsi)in Galicia. I wrote about my Dad on my blog.
    Good luck with your goals!

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