The Death of Jan Markiewicz

The second Markiewicz death record I found at the Family History Center was that for Jan (John) Markiewicz, the infant son of Tomasz Markiewicz and Franciszka Piątkowa.

Death Record of Jan Markiewicz

The Death Record of Jan Markiewicz

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Death Record for Jan Markiewicz – 1892.  Translated from the Russian, the record reads:

32.  Braciejowice – Markiewicz Jan

This happened in the village of Piotrawin on the 14th / 26th day of March 1892 at seven o’clock after midnight.  Tomasz Markiewicz, age 32, the father of the child, and Franciszek Turski, age 51, house owners in the village of Braciejowice, appeared and stated that on the 12th / 24th day of March of this year at 7 o’clock after midnight, Jan Markiewicz died in Braciejowice at the age of 3 years old, having been born and lived there, son of the aforementioned married couple Tomasz and Franciszka Piątkowa – after eyewitness testimony on the death of Jan Markiewicz.

This document was read to the declarants who are illiterate, and signed by us.

Rev. C. Trembiński, pastor of the Piotrawin Parish – Keeper of the documents of the civil state

Jan was born on February 27, 1889.  Jan’s death record correctly shows that he was three years old when he died on March 24, 1892.

Comparing this record with the Death Record of Michał Markiewicz who died on August 18, 1890, some additional information about the birth date of Tomasz Markiewicz can be deduced.  Tomasz was 31 years old on August 20, 1890 and 32 years old on March 26, 1892.  Since Tomasz only recorded one birthday between these two dates, Tomasz must have been born between March 1859 and August 1859.

Unfortunately, the ages recorded in these Church Records are not always accurate.  A case in point is the fact that Franciszek Turski was 52 years old in Michaeł’s Death Record 1890, but only 51 years old in Jan’s Death Record in 1892.

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