Top Ten Reasons The Genealogue is Better Than Your Morning Cup of Coffee

The Genealogue is one of the genealogy blogs read regularly, and I’ve set up an RSS feed to be alerted to new posts.  The author, Chris Dunham, warns that the site contains “Genealogy News You Can’t Possibly Use”.  Here are the top ten reasons The Genealogue is better than your morning cup of coffee:

10.  Chris Dunham is descended from not one, but two Salem witches.

9.  When Chris leaves for vacation, he not only notifies his readers that he will be away from the computer, but he provides directions and a detailed map if one needs to find him in an emergency.

8.  Chris doesn’t pretend to know everything, except of course that which he, himself invents.

7.  The Genealogue has participated in Censuswhacking.

6.  Like Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak’s contest to find out what happened to Annie Moore, The Genealogue has launched a immigration research contest and has offered a fabulous reward for the lucky person who discovers Where’s Arne?

5.  Chris Dunham’s profile shows that his occupation is “Unprofessional Genealogist”.  Of course, that still doesn’t compare with the occupation of Alfred Goold, whose occupation is listed in the 1901 British Census as “living on condensed milk”.

4.  Chris is the proud author of The Genealogist’s Glossary, described as “Recommended for every family historian who has ever laughed at the archives or giggled in a cemetery”.

3.  The Genealogue’s Top Ten Lists provide valuable guidance that genealogists knew they never needed.  Cases in point are the Top Ten Genealogist Pick Up Lines and the Top Ten Ways to Make Genealogy More Exciting.

2.  The Genealogue Exclusive in which Chris interviewed Annie Moore is the best piece of genealogical journalism on the net.  Chris even managed to scoop The National Enquirer and The Weekly World News on this one!

1.  Caffeine has been shown to increase blood pressure.  The Genealogue has been shown in unsupervised, uncontrolled, non-clinical studies to lower blood pressure.  We all want to make sure you live long enough to finish your genealogy.


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