The Family of Adam Obiedziński and Apolonia Obiedziński

One of my favorite names is that of my first cousin six-times removed, Faustina Apolonia Obiedzińska.

Today, I discovered that Apolonia, as she was commonly called, married Adam Obiedziński on 25 Oct 1785 in Pałuki, Ciechanów Land, Mazovian Voivodeship, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Apolonia was the daughter of Mateusz Krzysztof Niedziałkowski and Konstancja Żaboklicka. Adam was the son of Mateusz and Marianna Obiedziński. Both families were members of the Polish Nobility.

After discovering Apolonia’s marriage, I quickly found the birth and baptismal records of seven children of the couple:

  1. Marianna, born on 18 Sep 1786 in Obiedzino and baptized on 19 Sep 1786 in Pałuki.
  2. Józef, born in Obiedzino and baptized on 08 Mar 1789 in Pałuki.
  3. Anna, born in Obiedzino and baptized on 06 Feb 1791 in Pałuki.
  4. Katarzyna, born in Obiedzino and baptized on 26 jan 1793 in Pałuki.
  5. Maciej, born in Obiedzino and baptized on 27 Mar 1795 in Pałuki.
  6. Aleksander, born in Obiedzino and baptized on 20 Feb 1797 in Pałuki.
  7. Grzegorz Stanisław, born on 23 May 1799 in Obiedzino and baptized on 24 May 1799 in Pałuki.

I also found the death and burial record for an unnamed male child of the couple who died on 04 Mar 1796 in Obiedzino.

With this information I can look for Adam Obiedziński’s ancestors and perhaps learn if Apolonia and Adam were distant cousins. I can also look for the marriages and deaths of the couple’s seven children.

The Obiedziński family takes their surname from the village of Obiedzino in which this couple settled.

Copyright © 2009 by Stephen J. Danko

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