The Marriage of Constantine Niedzialkowski & Helena Chmielewska

My grandparents, Helena Chmielewska and Kostanty Niedzialkowski, were called “Ma and Pa” by their descendants.  The proper Polish spelling of Pa’s name was Konstanty Niedziałkowski, but for most of his life he spelled his name Kostanty Niedzialkowski.  For his marriage record, he used the English equivalent of his first name: Constantine.

The Marriage Certificate of Constantine Niedzialkowski and Helena Chmielewska

Marriage Certificate for Kostanty Niedzialkowski and Helen Chmielewska – 1918

Click on the link for a PDF copy of the Marriage Certificate for Kostanty Niedzialkowski and Helen Chmielewska – 1918.  This record states that:

  • Constantine Niedzialkowski, age 25, residing in Worcester, Massachusetts married Helena Chmielewska, age 22, also residing in Worcester, Massachusetts on July 10, 1918 in Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Both Constantine and Helena were white, they were both born in Poland, and they were both single at the time of this, the first marriage for each of them
  • Constantine was a machinist and Helena was a mill operative
  • Constantine’s parents were Theophil Niedzialkowski and Xaveria Zygmuntowicz
  • Helena’s parents were Vincent Chmielewski and Anastasia Wolnowska
  • The intention of marriage was entered by W Henry Towne, City or Town Clerk or Registrar, in the records of the city of Worcester on June 26, 1918 and the marriage certificate was issued on July 1, 1918
  • The couple was married by B A Bojanowski, a priest residing at 15 Richland Street in Worcester who certified that he joined Constantine and Helena in marriage in Worcester on July 10, 1918
  • The certificate was received by the city or town clerk on August 10, 1918
  • This marriage was registered no. 870, intention no. 793

The Certificate of Marriage doesn’t list the village in Poland where either Constantine or Helena was born, but at least it provides the names of their parents.

They were married by Father Bolesław A. Bojanowski, who was the fourth pastor of Our Lady of Częstochowa Church in Worcester, suggesting that Constantine and Helena were married in that church.  The 1920 US Federal Census enumerates them living in a rented apartment at 42 Perry Street in Worcester, in an area served by Our Lady of Częstochowa Church and home to Worcester’s thriving Polish community.  This area was on the east side of Worcester and was called “The Island”.

The proper Polish spellings of the names on this document are:

  • Constantine Niedzialkowski = Konstanty Niedziałkowski
  • Helena Chmielewska = Helena Chmielewska
  • Theophil Niedzialkowski = Teofil Niedziałkowski
  • Xaveria Zygmuntowicz = Ksaweria Zygmuntowicz
  • Vincent Chmielewski = Wincenty Chmielewski
  • Anastasia Wolnowska = Anastazja Wojnowska

As mentioned in previous articles, Constantine was the nephew of Frank Niedzialkosky  This means that Constantine’s father Theophil was Frank’s brother, and Theophil’s parents were Wojciech Niedziałkowski and Julianna Gutowska.

Tomorrow:  Not everything on an official document is necessarily correct – or is it?

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  1. Izabella (Wolnowska) Redlinska says:

    I was just wondering if the spelling Wolnowska, was in fact changed from Wojnowska. My family (maiden ) name is Wolnowska (i was also born in Poland) and i have heard of some distant family that left for US before WWI. Just wondering if th at might be it



  2. Hi Iza,

    I honestly don’t know what the correct spelling of the name was. Perhaps Wolnowska is the correct spelling. My grandmother was Polish, but she was born near Vilnius in what is now Lithuania. Do you have ancestors born in Lithuania?


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